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Landing a Job in Advertising Might Be Easier Than You Think

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So, you’ve made the decision of what you want to do and now you are checking out the job opportunities in advertising. You brushed up your resume, sent a number of applications, even scored a few interviews, but somehow you are still on the very periphery of such a career.

Here’s how you can find a way past the barriers and into the job of your dreams in this dynamic field.

Make a killer resume

If you don’t want your resume to end up in the recycling bin, you better invest some time and creativity into making one that rocks. There are only a few seconds for you to stand out amongst hundreds of resumes, so don’t miss that opportunity.

You may even go as far as creating your own social media campaign, or viral video. Make a format that works for you, pay attention to the tone of your content, and keep it professional and enthusiastic. Let your resume shout “I want to work with you and you want me there”.

Become an intern

There are plenty of advertising agencies out there and for that resume to be killer, you need experience, so be open to intern opportunities, even those outside of your city.

Make sure to explore the individual internship opportunities as well, get yourself experience within various areas of a company in order to gain the edge over future competitors, internships allow you access to experiences you wouldn’t otherwise be able to acquire.

If you don’t want your resume to end up in the recycling bin, you better invest some time and creativity into making one that rocks. There are only a few seconds for you to stand out amongst hundreds of resumes, so don’t miss that opportunity.

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Explore the roles within an agency

As there are usually many departments within an agency, there are also plenty of opportunities to see and experience various roles first-hand.


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Whilst learning about them, you can try to figure out what their purpose is, how they function, how they corporate with other departments and ultimately you will come to realize the best role for yourself within an agency for now, and you will be able to have focused goals for the future.

The importance of proper education

Job roles within advertising are varied and require many skills beforehand. These skills will act as a secure point of entry into many agencies. One highly regarded course in Milan is a great example of a progressive curriculum in advertising, offering proper formal education and a wide range of experience needed for such an entry.

‘Our new masters in advertising,’ says the Director of RM Istituto, Pasquale Volpe, ‘aims at inspiring global talents to expand their educational horizons with a progressive curriculum and properly prepare them for lucrative careers in this dynamic field.’ The course produces students capable of working internationally in a plethora of companies and NGOs, and during the course arranges projects with 10 top companies such as Adidas, HSBC, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

Keep knocking

Now that you’ve sent your resume to every agency you could possibly think of, the journey can begin. You will be knocking on many doors and they won’t immediately open, but don’t let that discourage you.

The good news is that agencies like persistence, so feel free to knock twice, stick around and remind them that you are still out there ready to jump in. Enthusiasm is contagious! Once interned at one or more agencies, you may find that they want to keep you on in full employment, so be sure to treat internships with respect as if they were your occupation.

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Tailor yourself to be the ‘right fit’

You don’t need a diploma to get into the advertising industry but if you’re serious about working in an agency, you can learn a lot by taking a course. So what is it that the agencies are attracted to? Who would be “the right fit”?

It takes only a few minutes to spot a fabulous communicator, and a determined personality who is passionate about the field, however, the biggest shine dulls away at the moment when they realize you don’t know enough about what is going on in the communication world. With that said, be sure to keep up with industry trends and to get some education.

“To put things into perspective, Google receives an average of 2 resumes per minute or 20,000 resumes per week, according to The New York Times (which works out to 2 resumes per minute). So, even if your resume is in tip-top shape and you have the perfect qualifications for the job, there’s a chance that your resume may never even get looked at. That’s where networking comes in. You just may end up shaking hands with a person who can help you land a job.” – Expanding Your Job Search Network

Network, network, network

There is one clear rule in the advertisement industry, “it’s not just what you know, it’s WHO you know. Get out there and start networking. Explore the events, seminars, and workshops that are sponsored by advertising clubs and start talking to people who actively work in the industry. Be professional and create a memorable impression, the people you talk to could very well be your future employers. Make sure to also carry professional business cards with you, maybe you’ll be the one that they have on their mind when an opportunity arises.

If you’ve decided that advertising is the right career for you, be fearless and go for it. Your genuine passion and enthusiasm will definitely lead you towards the right door – just don’t forget to knock more than once. Don’t be afraid to take a basic job in an agency for a start, you will find your way to shine and onto bigger and better prospects.

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