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How to Kick Start a Career in Construction

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Breaking into your chosen industry is not easy in today’s current economic climate but getting your foot on the construction career ladder may be easier than you think. Here are four steps to kick-starting your career in the construction industry.

Get Your Licence

As you can imagine, contracting can quickly become a pretty dangerous role if you don’t know what you’re doing. The changes you make to someone’s property, if carried out incorrectly, could cause harm to anyone who spends time inside the building. So, you’re going to need a license to operate at all. This is why it’s absolutely essential that you take an online course for contractor licensing. This will give you the qualifications you need to get started.

There are opportunities within the sector for unskilled workers right through to highly qualified and skilled workers with all levels of experience.

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Don’t Panic

If you are looking for work, it is natural to panic and send out a hundred job applications in your first week as a Graduate. However, while you may feel that you are covering more bases by doing this, it can pay to be more selective with your job application process. You may think that the more jobs you apply for the more chance there is of success but this isn’t necessarily true. Applying for fewer roles allows you to spend more time on each application and therefore gives you a greater chance of standing out from the crowd.

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Gain Experience

Having a CV that is bursting with work experience can increase your chances of getting to the interview stage. If you are unemployed and feeling frustrated with your job search, try and find a few work experience opportunities that will enhance your cv. Use your time wisely to build up your experience and gain valuable insights into your chosen industry. Work experience is often easy to find but you may struggle to find an abundance of paid opportunities.

Tailor your cv

Rather than sending a standard cv to various companies, take the time to study each individual job role and tailor your application to complement it. The company in question will not notice if you haven’t researched the company so make sure your application is well thought through.

“There are many good reasons to choose a career in the construction industry. The jobs are plentiful so you are never likely to be unemployed. Also, thousands of the baby boomer generation are due to retire from their construction jobs over the coming decade which means that demand for your skills will go up even further. This should drive up wages which is good news for you. Salaries in the industry are already at a healthy level.” – The Ultimate Guide To Working In Construction

Decide on your Preferred Sector

An easy way to simplify your job search is to hone in on a particular area of the service engineer sector. There are two main aspects of the service engineer sector and that’s the mechanical and electrical side of things. Working out where your area of expertise lies can help you to progress in your search for the perfect role. Once you have decided whether you would prefer to work with ventilation and heating or power and lighting.


Do a part-time Apprentice

If you already have a job but are thinking of a change in your career, you could opt for a part-time apprentice. This is a great way to enhance your CV while still excelling in your current role. It’s never too late to learn the skills needed for a successful career in the service engineer sector.

Do your research

Before you jump into a new career you’ll want to learn all that you can about the sector. Research the different construction roles, the leading companies, and what qualifications you’ll need. Find out about the expected hours and working conditions. Learn about the perks of the job and any drawbacks that you may need to be aware of. It can be useful to learn about common accidents in the construction sector and the workers’ compensation process. For more information, search workers compensation attorney near me.

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Searching for a new role by location can also help to narrow your search. For example, if you live in Scotland it may help to target local companies.  Always remember to tailor your job search to your specific requirements. So, there you have it, five simple steps to taking your first step on the career ladder.

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