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Jobs That Pay You Back With More Than Money

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  1. Conservationist
  2. Doctor/nurse
  3. Blogger

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Yes, jobs need to reward employees with financial incentives. Without the money, no one in the world can survive or provide for others. And, the cost of living is getting higher and higher nowadays. But, a career is about more than a monthly wage packet. A job should reward a person with more than a bank transaction as the role must be fulfilling. People that roll out of bed with just cash on their mind tend to have a short career.

With that in mind, here are the careers which aren’t only about the money. Don’t worry, though, because they have plenty of bang for their buck, too.


Conservationists aren’t tree-hugging hippies that want to save the world at any cost. For the most part, they are intelligent human beings that see the need to conserve the planet and its inhabitants. That doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the need to compromise, either. The role tends to include employees of the earth dealing with businesses and organizations to cut their carbon footprint. Plus, the job is a lucrative one as governments around the world are beginning to see the need to slow down. When you finalize a deal to cut the use of fossil fuels, you can’t help but feel good about life.


Whether you’re a doctor or a nurse, you save lives. Sure, nurses don’t get the same amount of appreciation, but only from the general public. In the industry, everyone knows vital they are to the process. What puts people off working in the medical trade isn’t the work – it’s the money. Students and wannabe medical professionals have to find a way to study and get med couture for less if they want to survive. You’re no different because the costs are high. The good news is that a student loan should cover the initial costs. And you can work as a nurse even when you’re not fully qualified. Once you have your qualifications, institutes will offer you a job because there is a nationwide shortage.



Okay, so a blogger might not save lives or the environment. But, most bloggers are the boss. When it comes to a work/life balance, there is nothing better than being the person in charge. You get to decide how often you work a week and the length of hours. Plus, you fit your work schedule around your home life. Most people don’t have that advantage because they’re at the mercy of their employers. Once upon a time, blogging wasn’t a lucrative trade. Today, it’s one of the biggest growth sectors in the world. So, not only can you have flexibility, you can have the cash too. If the online world doesn’t appeal, you can go old school and become an author. The satisfaction of writing a piece that people love is immense. And, nothing is stopping you putting pen to paper.

A career needs to be as rewarding as it does profitable. Otherwise, the appeal won’t last for long.

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