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How to Make a Confident Move from Campus To Career

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Once the summer break is truly behind us, the majority of college leavers’ thoughts turn to what’s next in their fledgling careers, which can be a particularly scary prospect for many due to the troubled economy and lack of graduate jobs. To help you on your way from campus to career, we have compiled five top tips to ensure the move is smooth and ultimately a confident one…

Take Everything with You

Every skill you have mastered during your college years is valuable in the workplace, from taking lecture notes precisely to in-depth analysis and research. Even how you wrote the personal statement for your college application can be adapted and used to help you bag your dream graduate job. After all many personal statement examples are very similar to the all-important cover letter used to accompany your resume when applying for a job.

Like cover letters, personal statements allow admin teams to see your prospects on paper and everything from achievements inside and outside of the classroom to hobbies, interests and future goals should be covered.

Exercise Workplace Etiquette

When it comes to an interview or trial period, each candidate should be aware of what behavior is acceptable in the workplace. Punctuality is the key to professionalism and also dressing the part can help secure that second interview or internship. Employers want to see that prospective employees can fit into the culture of their business so do your research and be prepared both mentally and physically.

the majority of college leavers' thoughts turn to what’s next in their fledgling careers, which can be a particularly scary prospect for many due to the troubled economy and lack of graduate jobs.Click To Tweet

Stay Positive

In today’s economy, many candidates have to face a number of interviews and trial periods before they manage to land their dream job but it is important to stay positive even in the face of rejection. For every interview show you are enthusiastic about that job and that job alone, and demonstrate the “can do” attitude that is always sought after.

Balance this positivity with serious intent and passion for your chosen career path, and you are onto a winning formula for a successful transition from campus to career!

Confidence is Key

There is often a fine line between being confident and just being plain cocky but it is important to strike the right balance and show off your skills and qualities from the earliest interview stages in order to get noticed. It’s not just your achievements that you should show off confidently, using confident body language is also important; greet employers with a firm handshake, keep your posture straight and always make eye contact.

Make an Impression

Nowadays simply turning up to an interview or an internship is not enough to bag you that job, there will be hundreds of applicants all striving for the same position so it is important to do your best to stand out. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and go the extra mile for a client or customer, do your own research into company operations and find a solution to a problem, and stay curious to really get to know your potential workplace. By being flexible and committed in your approach you can make all the right steps to a long and prosperous career in your chosen field.

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