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Master WFH: Become the Employee Every Company Seeks

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Work-from-home (WFH) is no longer a choice as it once was for freelancers and independent contractors. With hybrid work models becoming a norm, most organizations look for employees with remote work capabilities. Developing these skills and capabilities gives you an extra advantage in the career landscape, as they are as crucial as hard skills.

Recruiters consider them as key points, so you are more likely to land a dream job by becoming an ideal WFH employee. While there are no shortcuts to achieving the goal, here are a few tips to become a remote worker every business wants to hire.

Work From Home Requirements

  • Reliable Internet Connection: Essential for any remote job, a stable and fast internet connection ensures you can communicate effectively, access cloud-based tools, and perform tasks without interruption.
  • Dedicated Workspace: A quiet, comfortable, and organized space designated for work helps in maintaining focus, promoting productivity, and establishing a clear boundary between work and personal life.
  • Effective Communication Tools: Utilizing tools like Slack, Zoom, and email effectively ensures you stay connected with your team, fostering collaboration and timely project completion.
  • Self-Discipline: Working from home requires a high level of self-discipline to manage time efficiently, meet deadlines, and resist the distractions of a home environment.
  • Time Management Skills: The ability to organize tasks, prioritize work, and manage your schedule effectively is crucial for meeting work objectives without direct supervision.
  • Technical Skills: A basic understanding of computer hardware and software, troubleshooting common issues, and navigating various digital platforms are necessary for smooth remote work operations.
  • Security Awareness: Knowledge of cybersecurity practices, such as using secure passwords, encrypting sensitive information, and recognizing phishing attempts, protects company data.
  • Adaptable Mindset: Being open to change and capable of adjusting to new workflows, communication methods, and technologies is vital for success in a dynamic work-from-home environment.
  • Quality Work Equipment: Investing in a good quality computer, ergonomic chair, and noise-canceling headphones can increase comfort and efficiency while working from home.
  • Professional Development: Continuously seeking opportunities for skill enhancement and professional growth ensures you remain valuable and adaptable in a rapidly changing job market.

Maintain a routine

Working from home is a time- and energy-saver because you need not struggle with rush-hour traffic and long commutes every morning and evening. But you must maintain a routine that includes dressing up for work and logging in at the right time in the morning. Although you have more freedom and flexibility with this model, you should be ready to use it responsibly to become a dream employee for any organization.

Designate a workplace

Having a designated workplace also makes you an ideal WFH employee. It sets you up for productivity and efficiency despite distractions such as noisy kids and pets, traffic sounds, and neighborhood disturbances. A separate work area is essential, but you can go the extra mile by investing in ergonomic furniture. It ensures correct posture and good health even as you work long hours.

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Set small and actionable goals

Another tip to ace working from home is to set small and actionable goals that match your employer’s expectations and the overall team targets. The main difference between work from home versus office is the flexibility that comes with remote work. Most employers expect workers to complete tasks within specific timelines, so the onus of personal goal-setting is mainly with the employees. Plan your day wisely to complete tasks and take frequent breaks to recharge your energy levels. Also, pick realistic targets and timelines to avoid the stress of excess workload.

Be tech-savvy

A tech-savvy employee is an asset to any organization, but it matters even more for people working remotely. If you know the basics of technology, you can easily adapt to remote work environments, tools, and technologies. Companies often require employees to use software tools for collaboration, productivity, and performance measurement. Being tech-savvy is a plus because you do not need much training and orientation to become comfortable with these systems.

Keep lines of communication open

Another factor to becoming an ideal WFH employee for organizations of all sizes and scales is to master your communication skills. Keeping the lines of communication open helps you with virtual collaboration with peers, managers, and clients. Besides ramping up your communication skills, consider having a designated work phone to ensure availability. Your employer may also provide you with a separate device, but you must keep it reserved for work.

An ideal WFH employee has an edge as a professional. You can embrace these tips and tricks to give your best as a remote worker and make the most of the opportunities in the current job landscape.


Embracing these strategies will not only enhance your work-from-home experience but also position you as a highly valued asset in the remote workforce. By investing in a reliable setup, honing your communication skills, and maintaining self-discipline, you’ll navigate the challenges of remote work with ease.

Remember, the journey to becoming an exemplary remote employee is ongoing and filled with opportunities for growth and learning. As you implement these tips, you’ll find yourself becoming the kind of employee every company seeks, ready to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment.

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