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How to Become a Barber in 6 Steps

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Being a barber may seem like a modern career, but it is quite an old profession in reality. Since ancient times, barbers have been taking care of people’s hair, and only recently has this profession been divided into two paths: hairdressing and barbering. Nowadays, manufacturers even design left-handed shears for barbers and other specific tools for barbershops.

Nevertheless, even though both hairdressers and barbers can take care of men’s hair, it is the latter ones who offer a more luxurious experience. Barbershop is associated with professionalism and prestige; and if you want to start working there, you need to go through some training first.

Being a barber may seem like a modern career, but it is quite an old profession in reality. Since ancient times, barbers have been taking care of people’s hair, and only recently has this profession been divided into two paths: hairdressing and barbering.Click To Tweet

In this article, you will learn about the main steps of becoming a barber, including getting a high school diploma or GED, going to a barber school, passing your licensing exam, opening your salon (or looking for a job), choosing the right tools, and so on. Read on and learn how to make your dream come true.

Get a High School Diploma or GED

The first step to becoming a barber is getting a high school diploma. In the majority of states, you cannot become a licensed barber without it. Thus, if you want to start working as a barber, you need to get a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

Getting a high school diploma can take up to four years (depending on the type of high school you attend), while earning the GED certificate may be shorter — on average, it takes about three months. In both cases, you will be required to attend study periods and pass all exams required by your state.

Go to a Barber School

Once you have your high school diploma or GED, you can go to a barber school. This kind of education takes about one year, and the average cost is between $10,000 to $20,000. Some states allow people to take barbering courses online, but if you want to work in a real salon once you finish your training, it is worth considering going to a barber school in person.

Barber schools usually ask for a high school diploma or GED. Nevertheless, they may accept other qualifications too. That said, if you do not have a high school diploma or GED, applying to a barber school can be difficult. Furthermore, some schools may require you to pay for their entrance exam and skills test before you can join their program.

Pass Your State’s Licensing Exam

Once you have managed to finish your barbering course, you will be ready to pass the licensing exam required by your state. The licensing exam varies from one state to another.

Some states may require you to take an additional exam after finishing your barbering course. On the other hand, others allow people who have been trained in other states to take the exam without any further education. Still, make sure to check whether or not you need any additional training before taking your exam.

Open Your Own Salon or Look For a Job

After passing your licensing exam, you may open your own salon or look for a job in an existing one. If you choose the second option, make sure that your employer has a barbering license before signing the contract with them.

Alternatively, if you choose the first option, ensure that your salon meets all safety standards and does not violate any laws. Otherwise, you may get into trouble later on.

Buy Professional Tools for Barbering Work

In order to work as a barber and take care of men’s hair, you will need professional tools designed for this purpose. If you already own some of them — fantastic! But if not, consider buying them before starting your career as a barber.

There are dozens of tools for barbering work that you can choose from. Some sets include all tools needed by a barber, while others only the most important ones. You can opt for a cheap one or an expensive one — it depends on your available budget.

Learn More About Your Profession

The final step that you need to take is learning more about your profession. Barbering is a trade that requires constant learning and professional development. Thus, if you want to stay on top of your game, consider taking some part-time courses on the subject. Next, all you have to do is to be on the lookout for opportunities to apply what you learn in the classes in real life.

Summing Up

Becoming a barber may be easier than you think. Nonetheless, like all things in life, it requires some time and effort. Thus, if you want to become a real professional, you have to put all of your heart and soul into every step on your way to becoming a successful barber.

Make sure to choose the right school, pass your licensing exam, open your own salon, learn more on a part-time basis, and buy the necessary equipment. By doing these things, you will reach your goal faster and more efficiently. Have fun and good luck!

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