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How To Advertise For A Job Successfully

Advertise for a job

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As a business, when advertising a job, you want as many qualified applicants as possible. Having over a hundred may seem impressive, but there’s plenty in that pile that may have applied with very little qualifications and on some occasions, for the wrong job! Here are some tips on how to advertise for a job successfully.

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Be Specific With Your Job Description

A lot of job advertisements will hit the mark somewhere in the wrong place. That can be the difference between getting a handful of high-quality applicants to hundreds. There’s nothing wrong with getting hundreds but then you are going to be the one who goes through them one by one. Once you’ve gone through a dozen resumes, they can very much start to look the same. So to save yourself the pain, look at these creative job description examples to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. The job description’s most important elements are going to be the must-haves and optional skills. These need to be clearly defined, and hopefully, that will help those who don’t have the ‘must-have’ skills to drop out from applying. Hopefully that way, you cut out most of the noise in applicants.

It’s alright just putting your job advertisements onto a number of job sites, but the reality of that getting quality applicants is going to be hit and miss.

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Target The Right Job Sites

It’s alright just putting your job advertisements onto a number of job sites, but the reality of that getting quality applicants is going to be hit and miss. With the role specifically, you want to be targeting the sites that are advertising and promoting these specific roles. So for a creative role, you may want to target certain sites that only post up creative job openings within the industry. You’ll know that way that the only people applying for the job will be those who are interested and have experience in the creative realm.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media certainly helps spread the message far and wide. So many use it for plenty of things, whether it be for our personal use or for work. For a job advertisement, you can always look to advertise it on your social media channels. Use the power of hashtags and retweets to push the job post further out and to those who are going to be interested in it.

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Ask For References In Advance

With references, they can be very important to help you validate the person you want to interview about their current or previous employee. You want to make sure they are who they say they are and that they’ve not parted on bad terms with that staff member. Always check these when you have the job applications coming through and make it something that you request as the business advertising the role.

“Targeting an active, informed audience is integral to recruiting, hiring and retaining the right-fit candidate. And, in an employees’ market, where candidates fastidiously research their next work home, the fit must be mutual.” – How to Advertise Your Open Jobs

Advertising a role should take plenty of time and consideration because this is a new person to your company that you’ll need to rely on. Write it with plenty of detailing and advertise it in the places that receive the best applicants and to give you the best opportunity to hire someone good for the role.

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