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How Can Learning French Boost Your Career?

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French is one of the most important business languages and an excellent way to expand your career opportunities. Spoken by nearly a quarter of a billion people worldwide as a first or second language, French is the sixth most used language in the world. It is also perfect to learn, and indeed, is the third most learned language in the world.

Boost Your Skill Set

As well as helping you boost your skillset, learning to speak French can further your career in other ways. Reap the rewards by embracing French to gain increased cognitive capacity and potentially make yourself more appealing when applying for jobs.

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Having the ability to speak French is important in the international job market and is recognized as an excellent tool for people working for global companies. It is worth noting, French is also the official language of major organizations such as the United Nations, FIFA, and the International Olympic Committee.

Having the ability to speak French is important in the international job market and is recognized as an excellent tool for people working for global companies.

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The importance of learning French for your career

Thanks to the internet, businesses can reach people all around the world. Even smaller organizations now want to have a global reach. Studies have shown many businesses value employees who can help them expand and favor hiring people who have international appeal.

French is an excellent tool to tell employers that you can operate globally and be of value to international customers. In the business world, French is a hugely important skill and can make you more interesting to potential employers.

However, in the United Kingdom, there is a lack of French learning within general business studies degrees. While over 20% of all people in the country pursue a degree in business, few of them are learning language skills as part of that degree. That’s why learning to speak French online has become so important.

Yes, English is vital and the main international business language, but French can give you even more power in the enterprise sector. Did you know the U.S. business industry loses billions of dollars each year due to language barriers? Organizations value employees who can help to break through those barriers and help them expand.

learning French will not just enhance your prospects of finding a leading job role, it will also help you get paid more. People who have a second language get paid up to 15% more for the same role as those without that skillset.

These days, learning French has never been easier thanks to online services. Whether you want some business-specific vocabulary or want to fully embrace French as a second language, online courses are available. Amazing choice of study material means you can learn French for free on dedicated resources or YouTube. If you need a more professional level of learning, paid online lessons are excellent for adding to your qualifications.

Improve Your Cognitive Ability

Speaking a new language can help to improve your cognitive ability and provide you with new career opportunities. French is one of the best options and gives your chances of finding a key job role a boost, while also allowing you to be paid more.

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