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Handy Hints For Hiring The Right Candidate For Your Job

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A successful business will usually be filled with an ambitious and highly driven team. Finding the right candidate for a position in your business can help develop and grow your business. Therefore, it is no surprise that interviews can be just as daunting for the employer as it is for the interviewees. As a business owner, you want to consider your options carefully to offer the role to the best candidate for your business. Here are a few handy hints to help your interview process go well. 

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ID and Qualifications

Verification might sound obvious, but it is easily forgotten about. With any candidate, you may want to cross-check their references, their eligibility to work in your country, whether they are of legal working age, or if they have a criminal record. Asking a candidate to bring documentation is also a quick opportunity to check that the candidate pays attention to detail. Ask them to bring a valid ID Card and any other proof of qualifications you need to see along to the interview. If they fail in this essential task, it might show that they aren’t taking your time or business seriously enough for the role.

Companies can hire a third-party background checker to do the work for them, which will help reduce labor, time, and cost and fast-track the hiring process.

A successful business will usually be filled with an ambitious and highly driven team. Finding the right candidate for a position can help develop and grow your business. It's no surprise that interviews can be just daunting for employers and interviewees.Click To Tweet

Many roles require expert qualifications and candidates should be able to provide proof of any qualifications they claim in their resume. 

Use Recruitment Specialists

If you work in a specialized industry then you might want to consider using recruitment specialists who can look within your field to find candidates. For instance, fintech recruitment jobs companies will use their expert knowledge to source candidates who match your criteria and will work with you to headhunt potential new team members who will bring a wealth of experience to your company. Using recruitment companies can also help eliminate a lot of time wasted reading irrelevant or unsuitable job applications. 


It is always advisable to interview with others; that way, you can get a range of opinions and cross-check your impressions with the rest of the panel. However, if one interviewer is solely focused on presentation skills, while another is looking for knowledge and experience, you might end up with very different opinions on the candidates. Value judgments can make it hard to settle on a candidate objectively. Before the first interview, gather the interviewers together and decide upon critical indicators that you will use to score candidates. Also agree on the scoring system because if someone is given a mark out of 100 and another given a mark out of 5, things could become unnecessarily complicated. There are some useful templates available online that can make an interview process clear to everyone. 

Finally, remember every candidate will deal with interviews differently. Try to gently encourage candidates by creating a relaxed atmosphere. This will help you get more creative answers from candidates. If you feel a candidate has stumbled, or given a poor answer, give them time in the end to revisit any answers they wish to amend. Remember, you want to find an employee who will be best for the job, not just who is best in an interview.

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