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You might not think you’re an expert at anything. Most of us shy away from the idea of being an expert; it seems to be a title that should belong to people who have trained for years, have more degrees than most people own pairs of shoes, and have given their lives to becoming an expert in.

You? You work in a desk job, or you’ve moved from career to career with nothing specific in mind as to the end goal – what could you be an expert in?

Everyone’s An Expert

We all have something that, even without knowing, we have cultivated our own expertise in. It might be something simple, like being able to coupon better than anyone else. Or it might be something very specific, like being able to coax a piece of industry software into working for you. If at some point someone has had to learn it, and you know how to do it, then you’re an expert at it.

But what if you’ve moved between menial jobs, always switching, never settling? Well, you’ve become an expert in job interviews it would appear – if you’ve had a lot of them and have continued to get hired, then you must be doing something right.

Or have you been fired, and had to change your career to cope with that? Then you’ve got some expertise there: how to recover from being fired and launch back into the career world.

So whether it’s to do with your work life, your home choices, or even something like knowing how to paint your nails perfectly – you’ve got some expertise.

What Use Is That When It Comes To Your Career?

The most obvious use for any work-related expertise is that it should go on your resumé. It might help recruiters take a look at you, seeing that you have mastered something – it might be a string to your bow that others don’t have.

Outside of traditional employment considerations, there’s another avenue to explore which can provide a very fulfilling supplementary career. Have you ever considered writing about your expertise? It could be in articles that you pitch to blogs and magazines, or you could start your own blog dedicated to your topic. Even if it’s a dry piece of a software only used in a certain industry, someone is going to want to read it.

From there, you can expand on by writing your own books on the subject. It can and does happen; people corner a niche and then become the go-to for that niche, working from home freelance as an authority on the subject. Tools like Grammarly and the Wattpad cover maker make it easier than ever to be your own writer, designer, and editor – all you need is a subject that you know so well, you can explain it to others.

Finally, your expertise might also be the pathway to an entirely new career; you’ve just not realized it yet. Say you can paint your nails perfectly – have you ever thought about retraining as a nail technician, so you can share your gift with others? The same applies to any at-home skills you might have, from DIY through to cooking. If you’re good at it, seem to have a knack for it, then someone somewhere will see that as a valuable commodity.

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