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With the pandemic continuing to affect many parts of the world, people have also continued to perform remote work. The job market has also remained uncertain, with many businesses have yet to reopen due to the lack of demand in the market. Some jobs are also at risk since the pandemic has made these jobs untenable with the current situation. The job listings for these professions have also been put on hold by companies.

But the demand for some jobs has also increased due to their nature and the changes in the market. Most of these jobs are tech-related and can be performed in the comfort of their homes.

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Data Science Professional

A data science professional basically identifies information or data that stands out. These professionals help companies interpret and manage data so it can be used to benefit the company or solve issues the company is dealing with. These professionals typically have advanced degrees in math, statistics, and computer science.

Data science professionals also have experience in data warehousing, infrastructure design, and cloud computing. They provide businesses with ways of mitigating risk and fraud and identifying products relevant to their industry. Moreover, data science professionals also provide information to sales and marketing teams to connect with customers and enhance their service. The demand for a data science professional is expected to continue growing until 2029.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Professional

With many businesses focused on increasing their online presence, the demand for digital marketing professionals is expected to go up. A digital marketing professional increases brand awareness. They also generate traffic for a website. They develop, plan, and implement digital marketing strategies for the business. Additionally, they analyze reports and work to maintain the online presence of the company.

To become a successful digital marketing professional, an individual should have a good foundation in online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), essential training in Google Analytics and Google Ads, and a suitable foundation in content marketing and social media marketing. Additionally, knowledge in Instagram and Facebook marketing is also necessary and a foundation in email and newsletter marketing. Some graphic design skills will also help.

Looking at these basic requirements show that the work of a digital marketing professional isn’t easy. The professional handles nearly all aspects of marketing a website. A writer can provide the content that the digital marketing professional will use in the job.

Cybersecurity Professional

A cybersecurity professional is another good job to apply for in 2021. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for these professionals is around 30 percent until 2029. These professionals plan and execute the security plan of the website of a company. And with the increasing number of businesses going online making their own websites, the demand for these professionals will also increase.

Offering one’s services as a cybersecurity professional is similar to offering homeowners insurance since the cybersecurity professional is essentially ensuring the safety of the website of the client. These professionals ward off attacks from hackers and ensure the website is up and running for the customers of the business. They also protect the customers’ personal information, particularly their credit card numbers when they make purchases through the website.

A cybersecurity specialist should have a bachelor’s degree related to the industry. Having suitable experience in the industry is also helpful, especially if the specialist will take care of the website without a team behind him. Additionally, they should also have a solid problem-solving capability and can easily multi-task.

Customer Service Representative

Another good career for the new year is as a customer service representative (CSR). These individuals interact with customers and help them with their concerns. Sometimes the concerns merely require a cursory check on the system and provide the customer an update on a product. There are also instances when the CSR would have to handle a complaint and de-escalate the situation.

If necessary, the CSR will refer the customer to a supervisor, especially if the CSR has no access to a certain section in the system. At this point, the supervisor may have the answer to the customer’s needs. Additionally, they record the interaction, actions taken, and results of the actions.

A CSR typically needs a high school diploma, excellent verbal and written skills, and two to three weeks of training. But the most valuable skills of a CSR are patience, listening skills, and the ability to build rapport with the customer. If the CSR has these qualities, they can easily work with customers and provide them with the assistance they need.

The year 2020 proved to be a challenging year for many professions. Even as some professions have low to no demand in the market, there are also many professions where the supply of qualified people isn’t enough to meet the demand.

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