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Are You Getting All You Can From Your Employer?

What does your job mean to you? Everyone has their own distinct and unique answer to this question, but whatever yours is you have to agree that it makes sense to get as much as you can from it. If you are able to get a lot out of your job, out of your employer, then you can say that it is much more valuable as an aspect of your life. But how much are you really getting from your employer, and your job in general? It might be that you think you are getting it all, but once you start to look into it it might appear this is not really the case. In this post, we are going to look at a few of the things you can do to get more out of your employer.

Asking For A Raise

This is one of those things that people everywhere find themselves dreading on a regular basis. It is pretty easy to see why. After all, you have to go through the whole nerve wracking process of actually stepping into that office and asking your boss for a raise. Tough, especially if you don’t know whether or not you really deserve it. To improve the situation, try to think of it like this. There is nothing wrong with asking for a raise, and actually all you are doing is asking a question which they can do what they like with. Be confident, state the successes you have had as well as how you plan to improve in future, and you might be surprised at the friendliness of the response. Who knows, it might even work.

Knowing Your Entitlements

It is amazing how often people don’t really know what they are genuinely entitled to in their work. As a worker, there are a huge number of entitlements which you should be claiming wherever possible. These are all yours by right, so it only makes sense – but it is easy to see why employers are not always keen to overly advertise these benefits. Nonetheless, it’s worth looking into for your own sake, and then seeing if you can do anything to bring them about for yourself. It might be as simple as filing a workers comp claim, or it could just be that there is a medical allowance which you have never paid attention to. Look through your contract and see what is actually there for you to take advantage of while you’re in the company.

Bonuses & The Rest

From time to time, it might well be the case that you are entitled to receive bonuses. No employer has to dole out bonuses, but in many circumstances it is considered to be a show of good sportsmanship. If you feel that you or your colleagues have genuinely deserved a bonus, you should be happy to make your case, even if you are a little worried about being shot down. Again, confidence is key, as is actually succeeding in the work in the first place.

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