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Four Signs You’re Dealing with a Toxic Workplace


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Although going to work is often viewed as a mere necessity, it’s very important that you find a career you enjoy and a team you love working with. Bear in mind that the average person spends around 35 hours per week at work. That’s a whopping 1795 hours per year or, even more shocking, a total of 74 days a year.

Looking at the workplace from this perspective allows you to truly grasp the importance of finding a meaningful or, at least, enjoyable job. However, there are many employers that don’t treat their staff with the respect they deserve and, as a result, foster a toxic workplace.

“Managers have to be strict as part of their job, but that doesn’t mean they should act like a robot with little empathy. The fact is, there will often be times when employees need to take time off unexpectedly.” – 5 Warning Signs of Poor Workplace Management

If you’ve been feeling helpless with your workplace situation and you’re not sure what the root of the issue may be, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore all the signs that point to the fact you’re dealing with a toxic workplace. Keep reading to find out what they are…

Lack of Work-Life Balance

Having a great work-life balance is essential to your general well-being. Without any clear boundaries, you won’t be able to work productively. You should never feel guilty about taking vacation days, especially if you’re entitled to the time off. If you feel like your rights are being violated in this regard, make sure to contact HKM Employment Attorneys.

Rapid Turnover

One of the tell-tale signs of a toxic workplace is that the company suffers from an unusually rapid turnover. Whether it’s employees who are fed up with the working environment or employers who are firing without giving staff a chance, this is one of the classic signs of a toxic workplace.

Gossip and Drama

In most offices, there is always an element of gossip between co-workers and teams. However, this should be avoided at all costs, as drama should always be kept at a minimum. Poor work environments will often feel like high school, in the sense that some colleagues will form cliques and isolate other members in the office. Don’t engage in any unnecessary drama or gossip.

The Blame Game

Often in toxic workplaces, you’ll find that nobody truly accepts responsibility for their wrongdoings or mistakes. This goes for work-related issues and more interpersonal problems between staff as well. The truth is that everyone makes mistakes every once in a while. The best leaders will accept this fact and refuse to pin the blame on someone just for the sake of covering their own back.

If you’ve been feeling helpless with your workplace situation and you’re not sure what the root of the issue may be, you’ve come to the right place.Click To Tweet

No job is worth the emotional trauma of a toxic workplace. Of course, there are varying degrees of toxicity found in places of work. However, you shouldn’t stand for this, even if it’s the bare minimum. There are countless rules and legislations put in place to protect the rights of employees, so make sure you stand up for yourself.  If you’re struggling to cope, don’t be afraid to reach out for help and speak to a professional who can determine whether you have a case.

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