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Ace Your Interview: 5 Strategies to Stand Out

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Interviews can be very tough, and they are the most important part of the job application process. It’s your first chance to meet with your prospective employers, and the impression that you make here can make or break your application. We’ve talked about the interview process extensively before, in our article ‘Ace That Phone Interview!’, where we discussed how to make a good impression without the aid of face-to-face contact.

There are tons of different ways to give a good interview, and many have been discussed at length. Whether you’re doing your research on the company to practicing for interview questions ahead of time, all types of preparation are important. However, there are some methods of preparation that are equally important but not as well known. So, here are five unusual ways to stand out in your interview.

Research Your Interviewers

Many articles on acing your interview will tell you to research the company, but you’ll help your case even more by researching your interviewers as well. You can try calling ahead to the HR office to ask about who will be handling your interview or look them up on LinkedIn or other similar websites. Researching your interviewers will give you a better idea of who they are in the company, where their interests lie, and how to build rapport with them. It’ll also help calm your nerves and prepare you for the interview by removing the element of surprise from the equation, making you more confident and ready to take on their questions.

There are tons of different ways to give a good interview, and many have been discussed at length. Whether you're doing your research on the company to practicing for interview questions ahead of time, all types of preparation are important.

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Keep Up With Company News

While research is an important part of preparing for an interview, many applicants will simply look up the company homepage and stop there. Although having a general grasp of the company’s vision and mission is important, you’re more likely to impress if you have a clear idea of how the company is performing and in what specific areas. You can look at a company’s blog posts, or put out a Google Alert for related news. Forbes outlines this is one of the many ways that setting up Google Alerts can help your job search.

Arrive Early, Not On Time

Being punctual is an important habit to cultivate in any aspect of your life— in fact, Alore states that punctuality is essential for higher productivity and a better working relationship with your colleagues. But when it comes to job interviews, it’s time to go one better. Rather than simply being on time, try to be around 30 minutes to an hour early instead. Showing up early to an interview is important for several reasons. First, it shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile for the job. Second, it allows you more time to familiarize yourself with the company building and atmosphere. Third, it’s an opportunity for you to center and calm yourself before your interview, ensuring that you aren’t frazzled or out of breath when it’s your turn to face the panel.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Proper Communication

Communicating well is essential for any aspect of the job application process, but it’s impossible to overstate just how important it is. Proper communication allows you to get your ideas and thoughts across to your interviewers. It helps you prove your capabilities as a candidate and shows them that you have a clear idea of the demands of the job as well as the purpose of the company. It also helps cement the impression that you are a confident, self-assured, and capable worker. Aviation Job Net lists the different ways that proper communication can help your case as a candidate, including how to communicate with prospective employers via phone, email, and how to make the right impression when starting a new position.

Use Fashion to Your Advantage

Everyone knows that you have to dress to impress, but your choice of fashion during interviews is more than simply dressing up. Your fashion says a lot about you, so this is a great opportunity to make an impression on your interview panel. This doesn’t mean that you have to go all out when it comes to your outfit, but the right accessory may open up a world of opportunities during your interview.

Clothing can be a great conversation starter, and bonding over the experience can help you build a better rapport with your interview panel. Anything from an understated yet unique collar pin to a scarf purchased from some exotic locale can be a memorable part of your overall look. It’s also a chance to talk more about yourself and your personal history, which can humanize you in the eyes of your panel.

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Ace Your Interview
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