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How To Explore An International Career With Italian Investor Visa

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Building a dream career is something most professionals have on top of their minds. Some aspire to work with a particular brand or earn a six-figure salary. The more enterprising ones look for international opportunities to expand their horizons. Exploring an international career sounds daunting, but it is easier than you imagine.

Building a dream career is something most professionals have on top of their minds. The more enterprising ones look for international opportunities to expand their horizons.Click To Tweet

Everything boils down to finding the right destination that embraces immigrants and offers growth opportunities to global talent. Italy is one such destination that emerges as a winner on both fronts. The best part is that you can immigrate easily with an investor visa. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend this option for professionals looking for quick and easy access to the country. Let us explain how an Italian investor visa can fuel your international career aspirations.

Fast-track immigration route

Career opportunities come out of the blue, and grabbing them right away is the secret to success. If you find one in Italy, you will expect to pick it the earliest. Thankfully, an investor visa serves as a fast-track immigration route, and you can rely on it. Unlike other options, you can complete the process within a couple of months. Once you complete the formalities, you can land in Italy and live and work here. You can even travel visa-free across the EU and enhance your career prospects significantly. Not to mention, you can bring your family along and start a new life in Italy.

Diverse investment options

As a career aspirant, you may be concerned about investment in Italy for obtaining your investor visa. While you have to bring in a significant sum, there are options that fit into different budgets. For example, you can start with €250,000 as an investment in a startup or put in €500,000 in an Italian company. Those who can spend more can donate €1 million for a philanthropic project or buy government bonds worth €2 million. You need not worry much about the investment amount because one of these options will surely work for you.

A road to citizenship

When you opt for a global career, you will probably have a long-term plan in mind. An Italian investor visa is a good choice because it opens the road to citizenship by naturalization in the long run. You get a two-year temporary residence permit when you land first. It can be extended by another three years subsequently. After completing five years in the country, you get a permanent residence permit. Another five years here qualify you for citizenship by naturalization. All you need to do is hold your investment for the period you stay in the country as a resident.

Staying in Italy as a resident gives you access to career opportunities in the country. You can explore better jobs and live here, first as a resident and subsequently as a citizen. An investor visa serves as the best way to enter the country and stay here for good. You can collaborate with a seasoned immigration expert to guide you through the journey.

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