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Entrepreneurs Who Have Proved Working Later In Life Yields The Greatest Success


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In The States, it’s most common for individuals to retire at 62 years of age, with 18.7% of retirees retiring at this age. Meanwhile, 63.1% leave the workplace between the ages of 57 and 66, according to DQYDJ. However, retiring at this age, or even earlier, can have its drawbacks and prevent you from achieving all your career dreams and goals. In fact, some of the most successful individuals in the world didn’t make it until they were in their forties or beyond.

Working in later life has proved successful for a number of well-known entrepreneurs. With perseverance and dedication, true success is achieved when you age. Some of the most successful individuals in the world didn’t make it until they were in their forties or beyond

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Therefore, when searching for a career as an older member of society, you should never let your age hold you back, just like these success stories.


Henry Ford

In his early 30s, Ford spent two years working hard to create his first automobile, which was to be known as the “Quadricycle”. But he didn’t find success until he was 40 years old when the Ford Motor Company Company was incorporated with just $28,000. From there, Ford introduced multiple models, including the N and T models. In 1918, Ford stepped down as president of the motor company. However, he resumed the role in 1943, just before his 80th birthday. He sadly passed away when he was 83 years old. However, Ford demonstrated the benefits of enjoying a career as a senior.


Working late in life has been proven to keep the mind sharp and the body fit and no doubt this played a significant role in Ford’s long and prosperous life.

Cath Kidston

British designer, businesswoman, and writer, Cath Kidston is best known for her vintage creations with a modern twist. However, it wasn’t until Kidston was in her mid-30s that she opened her first shop. And she was 41 when her business really started to take off as she opened a further four stores in London. Further success was to come in the mid-noughties when her range went global. Meanwhile, in 2010, Cath was awarded an M.B.E for her services to business.

Donald & Doris Fisher

Donald Fisher and his wife Doris founded Gap after Doris battled to find her husband a decent pair of jeans. At the time of the company’s creation, Donald was 40 and his wife was 37. The brand started off with just one store in 1969 selling Levi jeans in wooden cubby holes. However, this business venture soon expanded to 3,000 outlets across the globe, which all started after the couple raised $63,000. In 1974, the company started manufacturing its own clothing before their partnership with Levi’s ended in 1991. But instead of sinking, the Fishers worked hard to continue to build the Gap brand and went on to develop babyGap and GapKids.

“The business world is always changing, and you have to learn to change with it. This is a simple concept for which every entrepreneur has to be aware. It used to be believed that the best way to complete any goal was simply to follow the same steps repeatedly until the goal was achieved. Due to advances in technology, the world changes at a blistering pace. If an entrepreneur wants to keep up with these changes times, he has to change his focus at a moments notice.” – Is Starting a Business Right for Me?

Working in later life has proved successful for a number of well-known entrepreneurs, including Donald and Doris Fisher, Cath Kidston, and Henry Ford. These individuals all worked hard during their younger years, however, with perseverance and dedication, they’ve shown that true success is achieved when you age.

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