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The Need For Further Employee Training For Productivity In The Office

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New employee recruitment processes and new job training processes are due to the Achilles heel of many organizations and small businesses. So is it best to further train employees? 

Employee Training

Every new job whether in a new business or a different job in the current workplace requires a training and mentoring process. And for those who are wondering, yes, this is a process that is important to plan and critique in order to produce effective results. Many workplaces perform excellent planning and control processes with down to the smallest details on a wide range of topics, but when it comes to training processes the training is usually entrusted to the employee they replace or the direct manager, without making sure the new employee gets all the tools needed to do the job.

Why it is important to build an orderly initiation process

If an employee starts with minimal knowledge, it can slow the business down. That is, the employee began to perform their job, but did not do so with 100% ability because they did not have the tools and knowledge required to fulfill their job. Imagine a small business with 5 employees. When one of them leaves and a replacement is recruited, one-fifth of the workforce does not function properly.

New employee recruitment processes and new job training processes are due to the Achilles heel of many organizations and small businesses. So is it best to further train employees? Click To Tweet

The purpose of the business is to make sure that 20% of the workforce goes into work at full capacity and as soon as possible. As long as this is not done the business loses. Now imagine an organization of 200 employees in which 10 employees are replaced per month. It is true that this is a large business and its absorbance is greater than a small business and yet, every month 10% of your manpower is replaced. In other words, an efficient, controlled and planned initiation and training process can save the company thousands. Work training helps!  

Employee and manager mentoring processes

In building an employee mentoring process, the most important thing is actually the process of mentoring the managers and getting them involved in the issue. Initiating a manager into the training process allows the manager to know how to “train” their employee and train them for the job. If in the initiation processes in the organization, outstanding employees/veterans, etc are selected to carry out the initiation processes, it is important that they also undergo a training workshop for initiation and feedback.

“Being productive at work depends on various factors like the type of work you do, people around you, the work environment, your personal issues, etc. Making all these things right before you start your work is impossible. So the only way is to get yourself distracted from all the stuff and focus only on your main office work.” – Increase Your Productivity at the Office

As part of the process, it is important to maintain control nodes and thought processes to improve and upgrade the initiation process. Examples of processes that can be introduced in an orderly initiation process:

  1. Apprenticeship program containing the training materials, dates and times, names of the instructors, etc.
  2. An organized guidebook for mentoring and mentoring
  3. Round tables and personal conversations with the inaugurated to confirm satisfaction with the training process and effective learning

It’s important to give your employees a boost in information to ensure that you retain them and retain their skills and efficiency for the future of your business.

What's next?

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