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Effective Ways To Manage Your Time As A Manager

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As a manager, you wear many hats. One of those proverbial hats is that of a time manager. Since time is money, as they say, you want to ensure you are helping the company and its employees put the time to work for them instead of wasting it. Keep reading for some pro tips on how to maximize your time for success.

Streamline Time Tracking

You do not have time to watch every employee throughout their respective shifts. It is impossible to know when everyone clocks in and out of work or for their scheduled breaks. In a work smarter, not harder moment, you can turn to technology to help manage your employees’ working hours and work schedules through an innovative program such as Retail Staff Scheduling Software.

With a real-time time tracking tool, you will free up your precious work time to do your job. In addition, your employees will enjoy the freedom and ease of interacting with this program. They do not have to rely on printed schedules to be informed of their shift times. 

With an app that your employees can download on their smartphones, they will receive tailored reminders for shift start times and clock-in notifications. Their new or updated schedules are available via a convenient email or directly from the app. Using technology such as this is a win for everyone and makes going to work easier.

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Communicate Effectively

Effective communication saves time. If you think otherwise, consider the times in your personal and professional lives when you have had miscommunications. Take note of all the wasted time involved in backtracking efforts to explain or discuss things differently.

Do your best to think about how you say things to your employees and be mindful of how they might hear what you say. Watch this video to learn about how to communicate effectively while working on a project.

Rethink Meetings

Could that meeting have been an email? That is a question that many of your staff have probably asked themselves more than once throughout their time working for you. The answer, for everyone, is likely a definitive yes.

If that is, indeed, the case, then it is time to do things differently. Start by gathering all the information you wish to disseminate to your team. Next, focus on the main point and pertinent information you need to address. Now put them into an email or shared document. Use clear language with adequate spacing between paragraphs to not overwhelm the readers with information. Once you have taken care of important content, add the rest of the information you wish to share.

Employees appreciate it when you value their time and avoid unnecessary meetings where everyone is sitting in a room, bored and disengaged, and wishing they were somewhere else. You still need to get essential points across to them, but now you can do it more efficiently.

Take these effective tips and make them your own. Incorporate them into your daily workplace operations to ensure a more functional and efficient employee base. When your team works better, so do you.

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