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Does My Boss Have It in for Me?

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MP900285144If you have been feeling individually prosecuted by your boss, either from what seems like cruel criticism or getting no attention whatsoever, it may be time to end the business relationship.

However before jumping to conclusions, you should first look for the common signs that your boss might have it in for you.

If you notice these signs, look for ways to improve the business relationship before losing your job.


Being Assigned Unimportant Tasks

You may have noticed most of the tasks you are being assigned aren’t related to your main position or are menial, unimportant tasks.

Look at how often you are being assigned these types of duties compared to others with the same position as you.

If you are not doing the same job you were originally hired for but instead are constantly asked to do minor, useless tasks, there might be a problem with your boss.


Lack of Communication

This is often the first sign that your boss might not be pleased with you or your performance.

If instead of giving you attention, they are ignoring your calls or emails and being overly inaccessible, it is a good sign they have it out for you. This usually means they have crossed over into not being all too interested in you and the job you’re doing.


Exclusion from Meetings or Activities

Are you noticing secret meetings or social activities between your boss and co-workers that you are never invited to? This may bring up feelings of rejection in the workplace and is something worth exploring.

Take this with a grain of salt, as there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation, such as the meeting not relating to the job you have. But if it happening more often than not, it may be a sign to consider.


You’re Being Micro-Managed

Micro managing means your boss or supervisor is scheduling every little task and duty you are assigned throughout the day.

They never seem to leave you be, as if they don’t trust you to handle the job on your own. While micromanaging on its own isn’t a sign your boss is wanting you to quit or fire you, it may be a sign they’re not pleased with your performance

So you should think if this is added to any of the other common signs hat there is a problem in the workplace.


Ignored or Criticized During Meetings

The last sign has to do with the meetings you do attend.

One of two things may be happening: you are either criticized more often or more harshly than your co-workers, or ignored entirely. If your boss is taking input and they insult your or don’t listen to you, it is a sign.

If these sound familiar in your daily work life, it might be time to either confront your boss about the problems or find a new job.

Jumping to conclusions never ends up well, and there could be a reasonable explanation for their behavior.

Speaking to them should always be the first course of action.


About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on dealing with negative Google reviews, mobile payments, social media, and on marketing.

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