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Define Your Expertise and Stand Out from the Crowd

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Speaking with friends the other day about the start of my career brought back memories of job-hunting and interview techniques. There were lots of memories and stories being told, during this conversation/s they told me something that hadn’t occurred to me at all:

There are a lot of uniquely talented people out there who completely underestimate themselves! They have an expertise that would be useful to many, but they don’t really acknowledge it or seriously consider sharing it with others.

  • Could you be one of them?
  • Are you hiding yourself and your expertise from the world?
  • You’re not alone!

Everyone out there has dreams, and many have dreams unfulfilled. Have you dared to consider pursuing yours?

An increasing amount of people out there now are pursuing their dreams by starting their own businesses, changing careers, or trying a new hobby or project on for size. Whether they’re in multi-level marketing, copywriting, finance, selling some sort of product or service, and so on. Congratulations to them all!

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But sometimes, we only have a feeling, a hint of something bigger inside ourselves that should come out, but we’re not that clear on what it is. If you feel this might be you, let’s explore further by answering a few questions. If you feel you know your area of expertise, these questions will help you clarify your purpose.

What comes wildly easy to you that’s difficult for others?

Once upon a time, I was asked to work with a friend’s daughter to help her prepare for a class election speech. She was running for senior class president, and she’d never done anything like that before. It was a big stretch for her. I could see that she was basically a self-assured young lady. She just needed to spend an hour or two practicing with an adult (who treated her like an adult) to add an extra edge to her confidence. It was easy for me to help her, she won her election, and her parents tell me how I completely changed her life. At the time, I privately felt like I had cheated because I had done so little work.

What do you do that feels like you’ve barely done any work, or “lifted a finger” yet makes a big impact on others? Can you remember the experiences you’ve had that are similar to the one I just described? That’s a big indicator of your unique expertise that you should be sharing with others.

What do you care about?

Your values, the things that you care about most deeply will determine how you’ll use your unique talents. What if you were to use your skill to create something that you hated or were indifferent toward? That wouldn’t be very rewarding or inspiring to you, correct? Once you’ve identified your unique talent, consider the things you care about the most and how the two may match up to serve others.

What drives you absolutely bonkers?

Sometimes finding how you want to manifest and present your expertise to the world can hinge on this point. What drives you crazy about the industry or area you care about? That’s where you can pull away from the rest of the crowd and express yourself in a unique manner. You’ll also have passion and fire about the subject.

“What’s the negative self-talk that comes up when you start sharing this expertise with others or positioning yourself as the expert?”

A common form of negative self-talk that comes up is feeling like an imposter: “Who am I to tell people what they should do?” “What credibility do I have?” Self-doubt and second-guessing can rear their ugly heads quite powerfully to beat you back down into quiet submission. Instead, take a deep breath and take a small step toward sharing your talents with the world. You have no idea of the positive impact you could have on others once you make yourself known to them.

How this relates to you

Even if you already know your area of expertise, these questions will only help you to clarify your purpose and vision for you and your goals. And once you do get that clarification, please start sharing it with the world!

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