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Creative Job Opportunities in Singapore

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Creativity, a beautiful gift to mankind is present in all in different forms. Unfortunately, most of us fail to recognize our creative talents and use them in the right direction. The ones who recognize their creative talents pursue their talent as a hobby, whereas others convert their talent into their profession.

There are many innovative professionals seeking the right platform and recognition for their talents. If you are one such professional, read along to get some innovative ideas for earning a living and using your creative talents in Singapore.

Writing Skills

Most people have flair for writing and like playing with words. Singapore is one country where writers are acclaimed and facilitated. In a country that encourages writers like no other place, there is no dearth of high-paying, good jobs for people with a flair for writing.

There are many innovative professionals seeking the right platform and recognition for their talents. If you are one such professional, read along to get some innovative ideas for earning a living and using your creative talents in Singapore.Click To Tweet

Commercial jobs for Writers:

Writers need not necessarily be just poets, lyricists, or authors. If you have good writing skills and an inclination towards business, you could consider opening up your own business for providing writing services. Starting your own writing business in Singapore can be a good way for catapulting your career. You can hence, achieve success using your creative skills. There are many more rewarding career options for writers, who can try their hand at being medical writers, journalists, web marketers, technical writers, or advisors.

Singapore Writers Festival for budding authors and poets:

The National Arts Council in Singapore organizes Singapore Writers Festival. The festival was earlier organized every two years, but would now be organized annually since 2011. The festival aims to facilitate budding Singaporean and Asian writing to an international audience. It is a multi-lingual festival that also helps in presenting the world’s major literary talents to Singaporeans.

Passion For Photography

Singapore is brimming with some of the most captivating and mesmerizing sights. Photographers from all over the world go to Singapore to capture these beautiful sights in the form of larger-than-life photographs.

Job Opportunities for Photographers:

A combination of different skills together makes a good photographer. There are many different job opportunities in Singapore, for photographers willing to avail lucrative opportunities. Being a photographer, you can venture into the different fields of scientific, wildlife, wedding, criminal and fashion or journalism photography. There are many remunerative job opportunities for free-lance photographers as well. These attractive opportunities often entice budding photographers, who are mostly students.

Facilitation of Good Photographers:

Creativity in every form is appreciated in Singapore. Ardent and passionate photographers are facilitated and encouraged at the biennial Singapore International Photography Festival. The Photography Society of Singapore also organizes Singapore International Photography Award for people with innate photographic skills.

Artists and Painters

Singapore has some of the most attractive and exciting locales, which inspire most artists. Along with these attractive sights, Singapore has a number of different art galleries and museums. The Singapore Arts Festival helps in augmenting the development of cultural and artistic life of Singapore. Singaporean local art is showcased in this festival, and local painters and artists are appreciated. Artisans and painters see Singapore as an ideal location for honing their artistic skills.

Culinary Skills

Dining is undoubtedly the favorite pastime for most Singaporeans. Singaporeans are so proud of their food culture that every year a Food Festival is organized which celebrates Singaporean cuisine.

A number of foodies from all over the world throng Singapore to savor this immensely popular cuisine. The increase in tourism in Singapore has led to the growth of the hospitality sector. This increase in the hospitality sector has also led to the development of the hotel industry in Singapore. This is a major reason why most people with good culinary skills apply for Singapore work permits, as talented chefs can bag some of the best jobs in Singapore. If you are good at cooking, you can also try your hand at catering services and set up your own catering business.

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