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Collaboration – The New Path in Careers

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In today’s job environment dynamic new start-ups are one of the best paths to a career. Young and flexible, these companies are better able to take risks on new hires and are primely positioned to develop new inter-business links to provide better services and outcomes for all. Even major companies are channelling startups in their desire to capitalise upon the energy they provide.

If you’re chomping at the bit to enter this flourishing environment of startups you may want to consider which businesses are worth starting in 2017, to better channel your enthusiasm towards a successful and lasting business venture.

Even if you’re not ready to create your own business, employment within such a company can deliver unique potential for personal development and, armed with the following ideas of collaboration, you can help steer your business towards better business-to-business links and thus towards better services for your client base.


Once within the world of startups, the most important thing is to liaise with other businesses and freelancers. Screaming alone into the howling void will not build the profile of yourself, or your business. Instead, you must build upon the innate collaboration small-scale ventures provide to grow yourself exponentially.

Building your online profile is of vital importance in the modern world. Building your personal profile through even the most basic tools such as LinkedIn starts you on the path towards an online profile worthy of your business’s potential. Building the profile of that business is of further importance, making sure your service can be found by those seeking it, whether through website building basics or more advanced SEO techniques. But, even in this digital age, a personal touch can make all the difference.

In this climate of potential, traditional businesses, startups and freelancers can all take advantage through newly-developed collaborative efforts. One of the best places to form these dynamic new links is in a trendy co-working space. Business-to-business links and communications can be as vital as those formed in business-to-client work and where better to form them than in an intentionally-fostered climate of co-operation? Engaging with like minded individuals and companies can provide near limitless possibilities for development, exposing yourself to new ideas and opportunities.


Seizing upon the opportunities offered in these new collaborative environs is key. Whether you are yourself the owner of a startup, seeking employment within a startup, or looking for a freelance relationship with one, grasping the moment is vital. This takes bravery – within the world of startups you are your own leader and you will not achieve without the requisite guts to put yourself, and your business, out there.

Forging your own path within a startup can feel intimidating and even lonely. After the hierarchies and numbers of a traditional business structure the stripped-back nature of a startup can panic even the most determined individual. Seizing upon collaborative opportunities can assuage such concerns whilst generating major returns on your social and business investments in new revenue.

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