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Revamp Your Brand: Proven Tips to Fix Online Reputation

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Nowadays, online reputation has a huge effect on the success of any business. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal, consumers typically read at least 10 online reviews first before they start trusting a local business. This means that it is really important for any business to have a lot of good online reviews from previous customers. It could be a good way to attract other potential patrons.

In addition, this could be one of the best strategies for still establishing your online business. But what will you do if you already received a bad review that tarnished your reputation online? Here are smart tricks to repair your online reputation to save your business.

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  • Monitor Your Online Presence: Regularly track what is being said about your company online.
  • Respond to Criticism Constructively: Handle negative reviews with professionalism and grace.
  • Request Reviews from Happy Customers: Encourage satisfied clients to share their positive experiences.
  • Publish High-Quality Content: Ensure your online presence is marked by relevant, engaging content.
  • Maintain Transparency: Be open about your operations and your responses to any issues that arise.
  • Optimize Your SEO: Utilize SEO strategies to improve the visibility of positive mentions.
  • Invest in Online Reputation Management Services: Consider professional assistance to effectively manage your reputation.
  • Regularly Update Your Social Media: Use these platforms to share positive news and interact with your audience.
  • Collaborate with Reputable Brands: Associating with respected companies can improve your own reputation.
  • Implement Feedback: Show customers that you value their opinions and are committed to improvement.

Respond To Reviews

There may be several reviews posted on various crowd-sourced online forums like Yelp, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor that need to get a public response from your business. That is why it would help if you check out these sites to find out how the public perceives your business. You can respond with phrases of gratitude like “Thank you for patronizing us” or “We love serving you” for positive reviews. But if someone posted a negative review on Complaints Base or another business complaints website, you need to remain professional and address the complaint properly. You can also try to suggest a solution that would please your consumer. It would also help if you will apologize when needed.

Use A Good search Engine Optimization strategy

search engine optimization (search engine results. This uses significant keywords that describe your products or services. But to make those keywords rank, various strategies are needed to encourage your customers to target those keywords. One of these is creating informative content. It helps in pushing the unfavorable review in the bottom of the search rankings. Since 75 percent of online searchers no longer look beyond the first page of the search results, negative reviews can be easily forgotten.

“Managing your online reputation starts with monitoring the chatter about your business. Perform your own online searches of your business using various keywords and phrases consumers might use. How do you stack up? If the top ten results are all positive, you are in good shape. But, to be on the safe side, take a peek at the next 20 listings. search results are constantly changing, and within a matter of hours or days the 15th posting could easily be bumped up to the top ten. If the first 30 postings are mostly positive, consider it good enough. If not, there are several steps you can take.” – Managing Your Online Business Reputation

Take Advantage Of Social Media

There are over 3.484 billion social media users in the world based on the data gathered by Smart Insights. Facebook alone has more than 2 billion users at the moment. Some of your potential customers might be looking for your company’s social media account before they decide to buy something from you.

If you do not have a Facebook page for your business at the moment, then you must create one right away. Make sure that you or your staff are always active on your business page so you can respond to comments or inquiries as soon as possible.

The process of repairing your online reputation will not give you a result overnight. You need to exert some effort before you reap the rewards. But addressing all the negative comments about your business will surely fix your reputation online.

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