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Is Construction A Good Choice For Your Career? Read On To Find Out


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For many people that are entering the job market, going into construction is a no-brainer. After all, there are jobs available for people of all levels of education from top to bottom, and the wages are pretty decent too, especially if in your role you have to work on site. However, as often become apparent when you are in a job, good wages doesn’t necessarily make it the right career choice for you. With that in mind, read on for some additional information about the construction industry that can help you decide whether it is the correct choice for your next career step.

Long hours

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First of all, it’s worthwhile noting that most construction jobss run over long hours. Yes, you may be familiar with the stereotype of the construction worker standing around watching others do the hard labor, but this isn’t the real truth of the picture. For one, as construction is often tough, physical labor, breaks need to be frequent, or worker could get injured or exhausted just completing run of the mill tasks.

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Also, what so many people don’t realize is that construction sites don’t open at 9am like other businesses. In fact, many workers including engineers, supervisors, and machinery operators can be there from 6am each and every day. Then those with a position of responsibility and paperwork to complete often end up staying to 6pm or even later. Making their actual work day 12 hours or more. Something is a good idea to consider before deciding on construction as your next career choice.

Good pay

Of course, one of the big advantages of working in the construction industry, and something that makes the long hours worthwhile is the good salary or wage rates that most places pay.

The reason that construction jobs often have a greater rate of pay is due to several factors. The first is that with such hard physical labor expected they have to provide enough of an incentive to get people on site. In addition, construction sites are often high-risk environments and expect workers to use difficult and dangerous machines or techniques. Although skills such as the ones in the video below aren’t usually required. This added risk, usually bumps the level of pay up, because it offsets the risk that they are putting themselves in each day.

The other issue that you need to be aware of in relation to pay in construction is that if you are completing casual or self-employed work, your pay may be dependent on what the weather is doing that day. Yes, that’s right if it’s snowing, the ground is frozen or if it’s raining cats and dogs work on site can grind to a halt. Something that means you can’t clock up the number four start you were expecting, and your wage packet will be down for the week.



The thing about construction that draws many people towards it is the fact that there is nearly always room for promotion and progression within the system. This is because each site will have at least one, if not more teams for each job. Each of these teams will have a supervisor, meaning that there is often the chance to get trained up for this and push on up that ladder.

There is also often more than one site manager working in tandem on different aspects of the build. Something that means there are numerous posts for management positions in the engineering, design, health and safety sectors as well as just the purse constructions elements.

Health and safety issues

Although, before you leap into a career in the construction industry is a good idea to remember that there are many health and safety issues to consider. This is because, as mentioned before, construction is a high-risk area with many things that can go wrong each and every day. It’s very different to an office environment where if you get injured it is likely to be something fairly minor.

In fact, if you sustain an injury on site, it is often what the medical profession term as catastrophic. Something that means it endangers your life, and can severely affect your quality of life after the event if you do survive.

Of course, there should be plenty of healthy and safety precautions taken by those running the site to minimize any risk of this happening. Although, if you do find yourself in a situation like this it can help a great deal to contact an experienced construction accident attorney to see if you have a valid case and can claim compensation. Something that you can use to pay for your medical and altered living expenses if your claim is successful.


Sense of camaraderie

Something that many employees of the construction industry especially enjoy is the sense of camaraderie between fellow workers. This is something that you will find not only the more physical roles but also between the different desk jobs, as well as roles that transverse the two.

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Perhaps it the long hours, or the sometimes less that salubrious conditions that construction employees are expected to work in? Alternatively, it might be the fact that on larger sites they often provide canteens for employees, so they get to spend their time together much more. It could even be that the tradition of a post-work Friday drink is still well and truly in force in this industry that binds them all together?

Physical work

Last, but not least it is, important to note that construction is one of the most physical industries to be in. For some, it is a big draw and helps them to be happy at work, as they are not stuck behind a desk.

However, if this is pulling you towards this sort of work you need to remember a few things. The first is that you must pick the right role for this to be the case, and as you progress you may end up with more time behind a desk and less on site.

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The second is that while such hard physical labor may be perfect for you now, you may not always be able to do this as you get older. Something that means you need to get that promotion or have a plan B for when the physical load because too heavy if you are considering construction as your career.

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