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Business woman standing outside in front of office building, using mobile phoneIf you are the type of person that simply can’t live without the newest gadgets or obsess over what apps are best, a career in mobile technology might be your calling! Because mobile technology is so popular and has no plans of slowing down, you can be sure that your choice to pick this path is a good one.  Literally billions of dollars are being spent by businesses and consumers each year for these new technologies and you can be a part of it!  Companies are constantly looking for qualified individuals for both mobile application development and mobile device expertise.  As a researcher for an iPhone and iPad repair company, we are constantly seeing how mobile technology is moving devices towards an all in one resource for companies and consumers.  A career in this field ensures a lifetime of constant learning and security.

Mobile Application Developer

There is literally an app for everything these days, but just because you can find an app for whatever your needs are, doesn’t mean that app will work effectively or be all it could be.  Hop over to the Google Play store or Apple’s iTunes store and you’ll quickly realize that many people try but fail miserably with mobile apps.  If you have extensive HTML5, Objective-C and Java experience you can create apps that will work across multiple mobile platforms.  This type of experience can create an ongoing secure spot in the wonderful world of mobile application development.  Lucrative and fun this is a great choice for creative individuals who possess the technological education needed to change and improve how apps are created and used in today’s world.

More Jobs in Mobile Technology

  • Mobile System Engineer        
  • Applications Test Specialist
  • IPAD/Tablet Developer
  • Game/App Developer
  • Mobile Architect / Mobile Platform Architect
  • Mobile Tech
  • Mobile Equipment Plant Mechanic
  • Security Expert
  • Verification Manager
  • Mobile Device Architect
  • CS Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Tech Support/Engineer
  • KPI Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer/ Communications Tower Installer
  • Windows Mobile Applications Developer

Regardless of what you choose, rest assure you’ll never be bored!  You can continue to improve your education and move up to more impressive positions that can bring you a substantial income.  There are certain requirements in order for you to become part of this exciting field and for those who are serious below are just some of the requirements companies are looking for.

Educational Requirements for Working in Mobile Technology

  • M.Tech. Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Engineering degree in B.E./Batch. for Electronics/Communications
  • Diploma in Communications and Electronics
  • Mobile Technology Certification
  • Wireless Networking Certification
  • Science/Mobile Technology Associates Degree
  • Mobile Technology Communications Associates Degree
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mobile And Networks Engineering
  • Masters in Information Technology/Mobility
  • Masters in Business /Mobile Technology
  • Masters  in Design/Technology
  • Ph.D. in Mobility, Telecommunications, Mobile Computing Wireless Networks, Sand Networking, Security

For those who possess a real desire to learn innovative technologies and create a more effective, secure and enjoyable experience for consumers, there is a real opportunity for greatness!  Take the plunge and dive into the world of mobile technology!

Author Bio – Sarah S. is a research/writer for an iPhone, laptop and iPad repair company.  She researches mobile trends including education, applications and news in mobile technology.

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