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Careers For Creatives You Might Have Overlooked!

It can be difficult for creatives though, even the best artists, writers and musicians for example can all find it a struggle to make money from their craft. However there are loads of job roles out there which could still work well with your skills as a creative but in a practical setting allowing you to earn a decent wage. Here are a few ideas.

Furniture Design

Making money as an interior designer can be difficult, you need many years of experience and a great portfolio to be considered by clients. But if your passion is in interiors and you’re looking for ways to put your interior design degree to use- why not take a different route and go into furniture design instead? Companies like Joybird often recruit, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to let your creativity flow. You get to create things that lots of people will go out and buy and display proudly in their homes, which can be very satisfying.

Kitchen Planner

Another career in the interiors field that you might have overlooked is a kitchen designer. There’s plenty of call for it, and you could be working within a DIY store, a specialist kitchen store or freelance. More goes into planning a kitchen than you think, you need to find out how your client best uses the space and work out ways to fit in the units and appliances they want in a way that makes sense.

Make Up Artist

Being an artist doesn’t always have to mean putting paint to canvas. Makeup artistry is an incredible skill where the canvas is the human face- it requires technical ability as well as creative flair and an eye for detail. You could be working as a makeup artist for weddings, set up a mobile business where you do makeup for things like girls night’s out or hen parties. You could go into more of the special effects side of things for shows and movies, or working with celebrities for red carpet events if you get lucky and really break into the business later down the line.

Web Designer

Web design is a fantastic creative yet practical job, since there’s plenty of work available and it gives you the potential to earn a lot of money. Every business these days needs a website and people are always looking for redesigns so a good web designer will never be short on work. Web design allows you to work from home or anywhere else in the world, so you have the ability to travel and work or do it from just about anywhere. One one side you have the techy html and website building side, and the other is the aesthetics, presentation, logo and graphics. So fantastic for someone who wants some contrast with their work.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can earn money from your creative skill, without being a starving artist or struggling waiting for your ‘big break’ to come along. You can still work towards your passion, but also while earning money from a job in the creative industry.

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