CareerAlley Posting Guidelines

Post Writing Guidelines:

We will consider posts that conform to the following guidelines:

  • Your article should be broadly focused on job search, business, or career-related topics;
  • The article should not be self-serving or focused entirely on your business or site;
  • CareerAlley does not accept links to Essay writing services, CBD, Gambling, Casinos, Crypto, or Adult topics;
  • The article should be between 650 – 1,200 words;
  • The article must meet CareerAlley writing standards, use to ensure the article meets our writing guidelines;
  • CareerAlley owns editorial control of all material submitted for posting;
  • Your article can include related dofollow links.
    • Links purchased for one year will be changed to “nofollow” or removed following the end of the article term.
    • Permanent links purchased will permanently remain as dofollow.
    • Links that become broken links will be removed.
  • Bylines will be considered for book reviews, but are otherwise not accepted to ensure that all articles look natural;
  • Please read CareerAlley Terms of Use before submitting any material;
  • Submit your article to CareerAlley

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