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When putting together your résumé, it’s always a good idea to consider how your skills will fit in with the world’s emergent industries. Whilst few people would have been able to predict how brands such as Facebook and Google would become world-beaters, it’s always beneficial to keep an eye on particular industries that are showing a real demand for workers with a particular skillset.

The global trend for work to shift from primary to tertiary industries in developed countries has meant that unfortunately many traditional jobs have now become obsolete. A quick look at the BBC’s checklist for how soon your job will be replaced by automation reveals some surprising home truths that should definitely help form your future career plans.




The tech industry in particular has replaced many traditional workplace activities with a massive range of positions available from online gaming programmers to software developers. Although these are invariably positions that require a large amount of specialised knowledge, such is the growth of the tech industry that it’s becoming one of the world’s most profitable places to find a future career.

The sheer breadth of industries that have been in thrall to the digital revolution means that there is always the chance of using your specialised knowledge in a particular domain in the new tech environment. For example, those with a background in design can help cater to the growing demand for visually compelling website creation as many traditional businesses move into the online marketplace.

Whereas even those with a seemingly throwaway interest in gaming should consider the fact that video games are one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment forms. This has seen popular games studios popping up all over the world with the likes of Rockstar Leeds requiring gaming programmers, whereas Australia’s Lucky Nugget Casino have managed to survive the increasingly competitive market that recently saw the demise of the famous 2K Games by growing with surprising speed thanks to the way in which they have helped their nation’s gamers enjoy the brand’s wide range of table and slots games from the convenience of a mobile deice.


Nurse and elderly man spending time together --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/Corbis


But despite these innovative technological advances, there are always certain key industries that require a constant supply of enthusiastic workers. Engineering is a profession that routinely enjoys stability regardless of economic uncertainty, and the world’s aging population has meant that there will be a growing need for specialised nursing to take care of the elderly.

So whether it’s creating the next innovative online gaming site like Lucky Nugget Casino, or providing an extra level of care for the older generation, there will certainly be a demand for your skills in the coming years.

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