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How Can I Set Myself Up For a New Career Abroad?

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Relocating is such a personal decision since everyone’s situation is so different. What’s right for one person could be wrong for the next. As a general rule, being younger and unmarried without any children will make things easier as you have fewer ties to a place- whereas later on in life you’re committed to other people who can make things more difficult. However, that’s not to say you can’t still relocate if you have a family, providing it’s something your partner is on board with it could be an exciting new chapter for you all.

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We live on an enormous planet, and staying in one place your whole life means you’re only ever experiencing such a small part of it. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to take months or years off work to be able to roam the world, so working in another location allows you to do so while still earning money. Plus moving elsewhere could open up better opportunities and allow you to further your career in a way you might not have been able to if you were staying at home. Here are some things to bear in mind.

What Are Your Reasons For Relocating?

You will be relocating for work, but moving to another country will have a huge impact on the rest of your life too and so having some other reasons will help you decide if it’s the right decision. Do you want to become a more well-traveled and cultured individual? Are you keen to experience a new part of the world in a way that goes deeper than just briefly traveling there? Are you interested in the food, history, religion, and scenery of the location? Do you currently live in a part of the world that’s high in crime and low in opportunities and want something better for your future? Having these kinds of reasons set out will give you a genuine excitement for relocating, that way it’s not solely about work, and you can see it as a way to change your life.

Are you keen to experience a new part of the world in a way that goes deeper than just briefly traveling there? Are you interested in the food, history, religion, and scenery of the location? Maybe relocation is right for you

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Moving With a Family

If you are relocating with a family, it’s not just your own life you have to consider. You will need to make sure each family member is settled and happy in the new country too. If your spouse is higher up in their career, are they able to find a job that’s equally good when you move? If they just work general jobs, are they likely to find something that suits their skills? If not, can they work from home running a business, freelancing or blogging- or if it comes to it can you live on your salary alone?

If you’re moving with children, can you find good local schools that you’d be happy to send them to? While you will be relocating or moving for your work, you, of course, need to ensure that everyone you’re moving with can continue with work or their studies. If you are going to be relocating without your family, perhaps for a year then you will need to discuss the practicalities. You can send money home easily with companies like Transfer Go.

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Is Relocating The Right Decision?

One thing to be aware of if you’re relocating for an existing company that you work for is whether they are stable. If for example, they’re just getting off the ground, or maybe have had financial issues previously then it might be a reason to stop and think. You don’t want to uproot your life for this cause, just for it to fail. If things are unsure but you want to take the plunge and go for it anyway, be sure you have a backup plan.

A good sign that they are stable is that they’re committed to helping you during the move such as with relocation costs and finding somewhere new to live. If you’re doing things differently and are looking for a job abroad before moving, you might need to spend a few weeks there, applying for positions and attending interviews. That way when you move, you have a job waiting and can find a home nearby, rather than moving and potentially being out of work for a while- or only being able to find something that’s miles away from the place you have moved to.

“The United Nations reported that over 3% of the world’s population is now living and working abroad, and the numbers continue to grow. As finding a job in one’s own country becomes more difficult due to the lack of work and rising competition for each post, it’s little wonder that finding work overseas has become quite fashionable. Chances are, you already know somebody within your family or friendship group that has already left your fair isles, and jetted off to another country to begin a new life, on a short-term or a lifelong basis.” – Pros and Cons About Working Overseas

What Will You Do About Your Current Property?

Before moving abroad, you will need to tie up all the loose ends at home- and your current property is one of them. If you’re renting, you might be tied into a contract and so will have to wait for it to end. If you’re selling, your house could be on the market for a little while. If you plan on renting out your property, you will need to speak to an estate agent to manage things on your behalf, since you won’t be around. So getting rid of your current home, and any possessions that you’re not going to keep will be a big job.

Large items of furniture, vehicles, and appliances will need to be sold. You could sell homewares and other furnishings on eBay, Facebook groups or boot fares. You could give away and donate other items that you no longer need. It often makes sense to sell things and buy new items once you’ve moved rather than pay expensive shipping costs to take things with you. Another thing to consider is your pets, if they will be coming with you, they might need to be put into quarantine for many months so getting this done as soon as possible is worthwhile.

Once you have gotten rid of what you don’t need, packed up and stored/ shipped what you do you could look for short-term accommodation until you move. This could be staying with friends, a hotel or a short term let on a monthly basis.

Where Will You Live

If you’re relocating through your current company, you won’t have any say about where you go. However, even if the country is set, you will still need to find somewhere within the destination. You will want a property that’s close to your work, but if you’re moving with a family, things like nearby schools and parks will need to be considered. You will want to check out things like crime rates and other statistics in different areas. If you’re moving abroad to search for work then the world is your oyster. The middle east is a good one to consider, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are some of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and both offer incredible opportunities for work, culture, and history. You can use an outsourcing agency in Dubai in order to settle your visa and work permits

You could think about Asia, places from China to Hong Kong to Indonesia to Japan will all be a huge change of culture and an incredible opportunity if you’ve grown up in the west. America is known as ‘the land of opportunity’ , and as it’s such a huge country, it is massively diverse and you get very different experiences just from state to state. Europe is another continent to consider, if you move t a country like France, Germany or Spain, you could learn a new language by submerging yourself within it. In Europe, you, of course, have the United Kingdom and Ireland too with lots of exciting opportunities for work.

Places like Dublin are experiencing a significant skills gap, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself out there. Since many countries will require you to have certain skills or qualifications to work in them, you might be limited based on your current job. But there are lots of places in the world that you could think about instead, which are crying out for workers.


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