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The Best Jobs in the Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare industry is on the rise, adding positions at a much quicker rate than other job markets and compensating employees with competitive salaries, thanks in part to increased demand from an aging Baby Boomer population. With a booming industry, comes more jobs for people to take, and more people to train. So if you are looking for a job in health, here we take a look at the best jobs available within the healthcare industry.

Occupational therapist

Similar to physical therapists, occupational therapists help patients learn, or re-learn, everyday skills such as eating, bathing, or cooking. OTs can work with patients of all backgrounds, treating those with emotional and developmental conditions in addition to physical ones.

Registered nurse

During a hospital stay, patients spend more time in contact with nurses than any other medical professional, making them integral to the healthcare sector. Registered nurses track patient care, administer medication, and monitor each patient’s condition throughout their stay. Licensed practical nurses also play an integral part in the system, and LPN jobs are on the rise. LPNs often work in long-term care, and spend time counseling patients and their families, as well as ensuring any care plans are being done properly.


The term ‘physician’ encompasses everything from primary care doctors to gynecologists to cardiologists to dermatologists — and every niche in between. A Physician is someone who you will see when you need a checkup, or go to the doctor’s surgery where you are registered.


Podiatrists specialize in feet and ankles, treating conditions that range from ingrown toenails and bunions to fractures and sprains. However, It’s not easy to become a podiatrist. After completing a bachelor’s degree, students must attend medical school, complete a three-year residency program, and pass the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam. Phew!

Obstetrician and Gynecologists

Both obstetricians and gynecologists help maintain women’s reproductive health, although the positions do differ a little. Gynecologists screen for HPV and other STDs, help manage contraceptives, and assist patients with issues like abnormal bleeding. Those who are also obstetricians, often referred to as OB-GYNs, deliver babies and monitor mothers-to-be throughout their pregnancies.


Pediatricians focus on the physical and mental health of children, from infancy all the way through to adolescence. Specialties range from oncology and hematology to developmental behavior and psychiatry, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the best course of care and communicating it with both the parents and the children themselves.


Orthodontists are tasked with constructing beautiful smiles by fixing irregular bites and realigning a mouth full of crooked teeth. This is most often done through braces, but they also give patients, who are mostly teenagers, retainers and other appliances to create a personalized plan for each patient.

Speech-language pathologist

For many people around the world, the simple acts of speaking and chewing can require an immense amount of effort. Speech-language pathologists work with these individuals — who

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