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Best Apps to Save You More Time and Money in College

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As a student, college years can be some of the most significant years of your life. You are young, ambitious, and can thrust yourself to achieve the most of your dreams. However, it can be equally expensive, especially if you have to pay tuition fees and accommodation on your own. Fortunately, you can benefit from financial aid, including government funds, institutional grants, and private scholarships. You can also try to earn and save some cash. Talking of saving more, you can use technology at your disposal to save time and money. Let us tell you more about using apps to save time and cash in college.

Money-saving apps

Having enough money is not enough. It would help if you mastered the art of saving to avoid experiencing tough times during rainy days. Here are money-saving apps that you can use to help you remain financially secure:


The app will help you track, budget, and manage all the money you have in one place. Mint easily synchronizes your bank accounts and categorizes all your transactions. That way, it makes it easy for you to access your funds any time you need to.

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Coupon Sherpa

The app allows you to access numerous coupons. Before going for a shopping spree, you can search for stores and see whether they offer coupons. This will help you plan to ensure that you do not spend unnecessarily and save money in college. Something better about it is that if you find a coupon, the cashier can remotely scan it right from your phone.

I Love Free Things

This sounds interesting, no? Of course, it is, because who doesn’t love free things, especially if they are nice? Well, you can use the app to check who is offering free things near you. You may get items that you would have otherwise bought expensively, therefore, saving huge!

Time management apps

Time is money, so the adage goes. It is even a more precious resource to you as a college student. Hence, you need to do your very best to manage the little time you have and squeeze other activities in your tight schedule. Here are apps that will help you save on time:

Photo Manager

You will enjoy capturing the moments in college, and it is fun! That is all good and wonderful until you realize that the photos are taking up all the space on your devices. If you are using a Mac computer to store every pic you take, then you will hardly find enough space to store your coursework and related apps. Fortunately, a mac photo manager is the right tool that will help you organize your photos on your Mac. You will save on time finding duplicated pictures and also on deciding which ones to delete and the ones to store for the future. You will also avoid the hassle of running into storage challenges on your device.


This is a great tool that will aid you in your academic writing. More often than not, you will be needed to write long essays for examination purposes. You will need to submit essays free of grammatical and structural errors to score top grades. Grammarly will come in handy in correcting mistakes. The good thing is that you can choose between the free and premium plans. You can also install it on your macOS or Windows computer or install an extension for your browser.


This is another useful tool that will help you keep your thoughts and assignments organized. It allows you to synchronize personal checklists and notes across various devices. You can work on a task from one device and switch to a different one without losing your data, making it very flexible.

In a nutshell

Being a college student is a great experience, but your time there will depend on how you manage your resources. It is important to know how you can save both money and time if you are to use college as a springboard for a brighter future.

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