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Benefits of Becoming a Gas Engineer

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Gas engineers play a vital part in society. They’re responsible for the safe installation, repair and maintenance of gas systems and appliances across a range of sectors. From gas boilers and home heating systems to industrial gas networks, the world would be a very different place without the expertise and practical input of gas engineers. If you’re considering training, or even re-training, to become a gas engineer – in this article we explore some of the reasons why that might be a good option for you.


Gas engineers are well compensated in the UK, with the average salary being around £37,500. Starter positions will typically be lower than this, although there is potential to earn more than the average if you progress up the ranks in a company or develop your career sufficiently enough through becoming self-employed.

Education and training

Gas engineers hold a lot of responsibility when it comes to working in and around complex and potentially hazardous work environments. As such, they must complete the required amount of education, training and gain the appropriate qualifications before they can work professionally around gas systems and appliances.

Gas engineers play a vital part in society. They’re responsible for the safe installation, repair and maintenance of gas systems and appliances across a range of sectors.Click To Tweet

Firstly, a fundamental qualification is required such as a Diploma or NVQ in a relevant course. Then gas engineers will need to pass and register for a Gas Safe registration, without which no professional industry work can be done. See here for more detail on the education and training a qualified gas engineer requires.

Career prospects

With education and qualifications comes career prospects and the potential for diverse professional development. The basic gas training may allow you to diversify your knowledge in other industries and areas, such as transitioning from commercial gas boiler installation to industrial gas network operations. With years of experience under your belt you can also expect to rise up the ranks in such organisations to increase your income and responsibility.

“The work in the engineering field can be very rewarding. However, it can also be challenging and demanding. If you are looking for a career that is both interesting and challenging, then engineering may be the right choice for you.” – A Career in Engineering

Working with your hands

Most gas engineers can expect to work with their hands on a daily basis, whether it be to fit a new boiler system or develop new infrastructure or models for industrial gas pipelines. This can significantly add to your job satisfaction and may be an attractive prospect for you in comparison to working behind a desk. Gas engineers will also have to work with certain specialist tools and equipment such as flue gas analysers to ensure the correct application of their work.

Becoming a gas engineer may be the perfect move for you if you like the sound of the above. It will be a challenging yet rewarding career, and one that can be very lucrative for you if you are successful in the industry.

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