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Why It’s Time to Embrace Remote Work

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In 2020 the Pandemic turned the world upside down. Cities, states, and entire countries found themselves in lockdown and suddenly everything went remote. Children were learning virtually, people turned to the internet for most of their shopping, and even medical advice became readily available at the touch of a finger. The upside to all of this was many people discovered a new and relaxed way of living and working that did away with the pressures of the physical workplace environment.

Remote Workers

While remote workers were nothing new — the idea of attorneys outsourcing legal processes or real estate agents working with virtual assistants has been around for more than a decade — the global shutdown has led to the great workplace revolution. Millions of workers around the world have discovered the joy and freedom of working remotely and do not want to return to their former physical workplaces.

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean working from home. It is simply working where there is a strong internet connection; which means almost any place in the world can be your new office space. Now that travel has reopened, many remote workers are jetting away to their dream locations to conduct their businesses online. Others are simply enjoying the pleasures of their home lives, relishing family time that was never possible in the company workplace. Every day more and more workers are deciding to become their own bosses by working remotely.

Becoming Your Own Remote Work Boss

The first thing you need to make working remotely your permanent reality is an idea. Your past work experience can help you with this. Think about the job you just left. What were you doing and what did you do well? What projects did you complete that made you proud? How did you help people? Did your boss or a client remark favorably on your skills? How can you turn your strengths into your new business? Consider hiring yourself for freelance work using your unique skillset. Do you love to do research? Turn your love of researching new ideas and opportunities into your new business (there are quite a few out there who don’t enjoy or have the time to do research). Are you a problem solver? What kinds of problems are you good at solving? Maybe you have a solution to a common problem or even a unique problem where you can create your niche. 

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Perhaps you feel your strengths lie outside of your work experience. Is there something you know you can sell? What hobbies have you pursued that you love? Many people are using this time to finally pursue their dreams whether they be cooking, blogging, developing websites, pursuing real estate, taking care of pets, or even traveling. Anything can be turned into a successful business with a bit of resourcefulness and a whole lot of gumption. 


How to Begin

You have figured out what you want to do, but how do you begin? The internet is the great equalizer. Everyone has the ability to find answers to any question they may have. Whether you are selling your skills or services, writing a blog about what interests you, or selling a product, you need to know your target market. Do your research. Is your dream job already popular or is it something new? Are there sites that will allow you to set up shop or do you need to create your own site? Use what you already know. Numerous social media sites have workplace applications you can use to set up shop. Don’t give up if what you want to do seems like it may have saturated one marketplace. Look for new markets where you will stand out. 

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean working from home. It is simply working where there is a strong internet connection; which means almost any place in the world can be your new office space. Click To Tweet

Setting up an online business can be quite daunting at first, but you need not do it alone. There are many attorneys that you can access (at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar firms) for sound advice about the ins and outs of business law, copyright laws, self-employed tax laws, and ways to protect you and your business that you never considered. They will help you by asking you questions you didn’t even know you needed to think about. These firms can also guide you as you grow your business to become even more successful. 

As you begin your new venture, remember, you are not alone. Look for guidance from other like-minded individuals and businesses who have already successfully set up shop remotely. How easy is it to navigate their sites? What do you like about them and what turns you off? Need tech help? Read the IT blogs and support your fellow entrepreneurs. These tech bloggers will answer your questions and keep you up to date so that your new remote business is always trending with your target market. Don’t forget your family and friends can also be great sources of advice and guidance.

Take your skills and ideas and turn them into your dream job. Become your own boss, set your own hours, create your own workplace, and love what you do. Now is your time to join the workplace revolution!

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