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An Internship Is the First Step on the Career Ladder!

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Win the jackpot at Easy! Getting a job as a student? Not so easy. And all because you immediately want to take some position with a big name and quickly distribute beautiful business cards among friends and classmates. But we miss one rather important detail: preparations for the flight and test launches of our spaceship.

We’re trying to move from theory to practice somehow unknowingly, just for the sake of taking a serious step, whereas smaller but more effective and thoughtful steps will be much more beneficial for both you and your career.

We’re talking about internships.

Not to be unsubstantiated, here are 6 reasons to use an internship as a testing ground for your skills and knowledge, and more specifically to tell you about the 6 gains of each wise intern. Don’t forget to reinforce what you’ve learned below with a space flight or participation in a space internship.

1. First Experience

Your first work experience will be a kind of reference point, a bar you set for yourself – if you start an internship with a good company that is willing to invest time and effort in you, it will be easier for you to move forward. In addition, your resume will gradually fill up with important information.

Remember the principle of small steps – it is necessary to speed up gradually, otherwise, you will do harm 😉

2. The Skills of the Universal Soldier

Many companies give interns the opportunity to work on different projects and dare to perform quite complicated tasks. If this is not offered to you, you can always take the initiative yourself. This is the essence of an internship: you are allowed to become part of the team and find your place.

3. Confidence and Independence

It is not about becoming an adult as soon as possible and conquering all visible and invisible horizons. You want to feel independent, and therefore be more confident in your abilities and skills. Work will give you that opportunity, but it takes dedication and a lot of effort.

Not to be unsubstantiated, here are 6 reasons to use an internship as a testing ground for your skills and knowledge, and more specifically to tell you about the 6 gains of each wise intern. Click To Tweet

4. The Future

If in the first days or weeks of your internship you realize you like the position, company, and tasks, then you will spend the next few months in an enthusiastic state of mind, trying to stay with the team even after the internship. If you’re diligent enough and can find a rapport with the team, you’ll get on the staff. And that will be your first challenge on the road to building a great career.

5. Make Acquaintances and New Friends

The most important thing we get when we find a job or just go to school is people, networking, sharing information and emotions. In the company where you become an intern, you will find interesting people who can share their experiences with you. They’ll be the ones to give you ideas on how to solve problems when you encounter your first major challenges. You won’t feel like an astronaut here – you won’t be alone.

6. Understanding the Basics of the Work

And the last, rather important and not all appreciated argument in favor of internships.

An internship is a demo version of a real job. You can try something new, you do not have a huge burden of responsibility on your shoulders, you have the opportunity to understand what you do best, and what does not succeed so easily. Internships are a unique way to understand yourself and decide what you want to get out of your profession and generally where you want to take your space flight.

Now Let’s Talk About Opportunities

There are three important laws that must be adhered to: you must always be aware, you must be prepared, and you must be clear about your goals. Yes, be like a real astronaut. The hardest part is the last one. When you begin your search for an internship, be sure to decide what will be the most important and decisive factor for you. Try to prioritize the following aspects of an internship for yourself:

Special Attitude

The company’s interview and internship process is a mirror of the entire team. If everything here is already built solely on sending a resume and one awkward interview, it’s an indicator that the company simply doesn’t put much – no time, no effort, and no resources – into the process of selecting interns and candidates. So it will continue to be that way. So if you want your job to give you unusual challenges and to be treated particularly well – be prepared to go on a real career quest.

Communication With Interesting People

We all want the person who spends every day next to us at work to be our friend and maybe even our mentor. And it’s not just a “hello, how are you?” every morning, but a sincere desire to know how you feel in your new role, what you are afraid of, and what you aspire to.

Feeling of Comfort

If even one mechanism in the system starts to turn in the other direction, there will be an inevitable – a breakdown. Can you imagine making such a mistake in space? Absolutely not! This is why there is a concept of corporate culture, which is based on a common cause, shared values, and a single view of the goal. A team in which every detail works to keep the rest of the mechanism moving is simply doomed to great results.

Motivation + Emotion

If work doesn’t motivate you, if it doesn’t interest you, if every morning is excruciating for you, and if weekends are the light at the end of the tunnel, then there is nothing sadder. Spend your time only on work that allows you to be yourself, to be happier and more confident.

The Opportunity to Go Above and Beyond

The place where you will be working should of course influence you in a positive way, giving you the confidence that you can go above and beyond and that it will be encouraged by the company. Because then you will go through a new level of challenge each time and get better.

The logic is this: to find such a place, you should first get out of your comfort zone, try to solve a difficult task, pass a selection, prove yourself in a non-trivial way during an internship – then it becomes a pleasant tradition for you and shows your best side.

Prepare Yourself 

Try to find as much information about the company, study it, so you have the opportunity to answer questions. And try to figure it out for yourself: why will this place be the first on your career path? What is it that attracts you? Honesty, only honesty – start your search for a job without deceiving yourself.

Agree With Yourself

Try to understand right away what message you want to convey to the company, why they should hire you. What is your true superpower? If you don’t figure it out for yourself and just go to the interview to test your fate and your nerves (and maybe the recruiter), you will see it right away.

Good luck and may you get your dream job!

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