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Ignore The Naysayers: A Career In Insurance Is A Golden Opportunity

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If you thought that a career in insurance was just for those with no other options, then think again. Getting into the industry can be significantly more enjoyable than you imagine. It’s not just about plugging numbers into spreadsheets and figuring out how much risk people pose: there are a bunch of other benefits too. 

If you’re considering a career in insurance, then read on to learn some of the reasons why it might work for you.

It’s Stable

Many people go into jobs looking for something stable. They want work that’s going to be available for them long-term: not just the odd gig here and there. That’s where insurance careers are different from other types of job. People go into them expecting to be in the industry for many years, not just a few months. Most firms are legacy enterprises, meaning that they’ve been around for a long time. They still do work the old-fashioned way, which means longer tenures and less time spent searching for new opportunities. The majority of workers spend between five and ten years in roles in this industry, compared to just one or two in other sectors. 

There Are Plenty Of Opportunities For Career Development

Getting stuck in a job and being unable to move forward is many workers’ idea of a nightmare. But in insurance, there are always opportunities to progress. Firms invest in insurance agent training regularly because they want employees to be able to explain and sell the most lucrative products. 

If you thought that a career in insurance was just for those with no other options, then think again. Getting into the industry can be significantly more enjoyable than you imagine.Click To Tweet

As an agent, this means that you can go from a junior to senior level rapidly. What’s more, when you gain skills, the value that you can offer your employer increases significantly. You’re not just waiting for managers in the ranks above you to leave their jobs. You’re actually working on your human capital right now. 

It’s A Diverse Business

Insurance attracts people from many different backgrounds and all over the world. Most firms employ international teams, meaning that there are always new people to meet and perspectives to gain. Furthermore, clients tend to be a mixed bunch as well. You’re always meeting new people discovering new requirements for insurance products, and estimating risks. 

It’s Interesting

Contrary to what you might have heard about insurance careers, they’re also incredibly interesting, particularly if you like technical problem-solving. It’s not just about checking actuarial tables and reading premiums off a list. It’s also about creating models yourself and trying to better understand the risk that particular customers pose. If you can get the risk profile right, you can better tailor insurance products to individual needs, bringing prices down for low-risk customers, and pricing correctly for high-risk clients. 

It Offers Great Work-Life Balance

Finally, getting work-life balance right in today’s work environment can be tricky. Many employers ask you to work when it suits them, and not the other way around. 

In insurance, though, it’s different. Employers generally stick to the conventional 9-to-5, Monday to Friday model so you always have predictable working hours. 

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