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9 Little Vices You Can Keep in Your Desk at Work

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1There are certain things you aren’t supposed to do at work. You aren’t supposed to send personal emails using your work address ― but you do anyway. You aren’t supposed to come to work sick, high, or hungover ― but you’ve probably done that a few times, too. You definitely aren’t supposed to indulge in any nasty vices ― but if you can hide them inside your desk, who would even know?

To help the long work hours move slightly faster and the stressful times feel a little less tense, you need something to look forward to. Here are nine little vices you can sneak out of your desk when the need arises.


Drink Additives

Unfortunately, we can’t conscionably advocate slipping a mini bottle of booze into your work desk, but that doesn’t mean your office drinks have to be boring. Flavor additives can make your trips to the water cooler more rewarding, keeping you hydrated. Plus, some powders come caffeinated, so you can stay awake even when your coworker drinks the last cup of joe.


A number of studies have found that the addictive sweet is beneficial for your health: Among other positives, dark chocolate lowers your risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke, naturally protects your skin from sun damage, and lowers stress to improve brain function. As long as you eat it in moderation, you shouldn’t feel guilty about slipping a bar or 10 into your desk drawer ― for health reasons, of course.


Pride is one of the worst vices, but having mirrors at your desk can be unendingly helpful. For example, affixing a small mirror to your computer monitor might prevent coworkers from sneaking up on you and interrupting your workflow. Additionally, having a larger mirror in your desk drawer can help prevent embarrassing after-lunch scenarios, like spinach-in-teeth or pudding-on-cheek.


E-cigs are becoming popular among office workers. E-juice is inexpensive, comes in a variety of delectable flavors, and contains only a handful of ingredients. Plus, e-cigs are unobtrusive, and your boss could easily confuse smaller, disposable varieties with pens. Whenever you need a break, you can grab an e-cig, head outside, and enjoy a few relaxing minutes away from your desk.

Black Heels

Not only to black pumps go with every outfit, but they instantly update a look for more stylish occasions. In the event your boss invites you into that dreadfully important client meeting or you secure a last-minute date with a soon-to-be bae, your heels will ensure you look your best. You should choose a medium-tall heel that is sufficiently worn-in so you can slide in and out of them as necessary.


That weird drone from the fluorescent lights has your head aching. Your wrists and fingers are cramping from all the emails you sent today. Your back and knees can’t handle your stiff office chair a moment longer. Office life hurts, which means having a bottle of painkillers within reach will keep you going even when your body is about to break.

Complaint Pad

There are few things more annoying than your co-workers’ incessant grumbles, but it can be difficult to recognize when you are whining too much in the workplace. To curb your complaints, you should have a notepad devoted to griping. Then, you can determine which of your complaints are worth bringing to your boss and which are the result of an empty coffee pot.


Fidgeting is common practice in the workplace, and everyone has his or her favorite tool: rubber bands, pen caps, stress balls, or any other small thing. Research has found that keeping your hands busy helps your brain work harder, so it behooves you to keep fidget-helpers nearby. You might even invest in a Fidget Cube, which is guaranteed to keep your fingers dancing while your mind races.


Sleeping on the job is undoubtedly the worst vice during a day at work, and a true hammock might not fit inside your already packed desk drawer. However, a foot hammock can make sitting at your desk feel like paradise. You can make your own cozy foot hammock, but be warned: You might have to make some for your co-workers, too.


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