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7 Underhanded Tactics Your Boss May Use to Manipulate Their Way

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Some bosses are great to work for and really care for their employees and value their input while others can be calculating and manipulative, sometimes in a more subtle and underhand way.

An extreme example of that would be when you hear about examples from a sex crimes defense lawyer who regularly defends clients who have been subjected to manipulative actions that definitely cross the line.

Let’s take a look at some of the classic tactics you might be unfortunate enough to encounter.

Overworking you

There is only so much anyone can do in a day but you might have a boss who manipulates you who gives you a ridiculously heavy workload and then castigates you for not getting the tasks done.

Doing extra tasks that are not in your job description is a classic sign and being made to feel guilty if you don’t stay late to get finished is definitely a sign of a manipulative boss.

Feeling intimidated?

Outright bullying is rightly called out and action can be taken against the perpetrator but what if your boss is carrying out the act in a more subtle way?

This can have an impact on your self-confidence and manipulative bosses tend to pick on people who lack a certain amount of self-confidence, so learn to fight your corner.

Some manipulative bosses might try to undermine you by trying to emphasize their perception that they are more intelligent than you. You have to be wary of manipulative bosses and call them out rather than let the issue get the better of you.Click To Tweet

Being ignored

Another way your boss might try to get more out of you in a manipulative way is to pay you very little attention and keep you out of the loop.

Indifference and a lack of attention are telltale signs that your boss is trying to manipulate you by giving you the silent treatment or delivering inconsistent attention, as a way of keeping you in your place.

Sarcasm can lead to conflicts

Some sarcastic comments and gentle teasing might be acceptable if you have that sort of trusting relationship with someone but if your boss is using these tactics to control you emotionally, this is clearly not fair.

Not one of the favorites?

If there is one thing that really grates in the workplace it is when you encounter clear examples of favoritism.

Both sides of the fence have their issues, and you might find that you are seemingly favored by your boss over others. Make no mistake, that this is a form of manipulation and you need to be on your guard.

Avoiding conflict

You can have a whole host of issues in the workplace that need to be sorted out by the person in charge, and it is when they avoid this conflict that should raise the alarm.

Some bosses can be very adept at keeping you in your place by not helping you to resolve problems and refusing to talk about them.

Playing the intellectual card

Some underhand and manipulative bosses might try to undermine you by trying to emphasize their perception that they have a higher degree of intelligence than you.

Using their knowledge in combination with their power as your boss is unacceptable, especially as it’s likely you are an educated professional who deserves to be treated as such.

You always have to be wary of manipulative bosses and it is often wise to call them out rather than let the issue ride in the hope that things get better, which they rarely do.

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