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7 Times You May Not Realise You Should Definitely Hire A Lawyer

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Chances are, when you hear the word lawyer, you immediately think of a criminal lawyer standing in court giving slick speeches to a jury. In reality, criminal trials are only one of many situations where a lawyer is necessary. Here are some of the times ordinary people find themselves hiring the services of a lawyer that you may not have thought about before. So, if you’re a law-abiding citizen who thinks it’s unlikely you’ll ever need the services of a law firm, think again.


Getting married and pledging your life to another person is wonderful, but if the marriage breaks down, you don’t want to go it alone. Hiring a lawyer to help you negotiate the dissolution of the marriage and dividing the assets provides protection should things get messy. Your lawyer can also act as your spokesperson should you not be able to speak up against your spouse. They will advise you on all the information you need to find and provide regarding finances and assets and fight for fair custody of children.


Coming or going, immigration is a tricky field to navigate, which is why some lawyers choose to specialize in immigration law. They can help you correctly fill out forms to apply for settlement visas in other countries if you plan to emigrate. And if you’ve come to the US already and are looking to change your visa to stay longer or are applying for asylum, an immigration specialist will help you navigate the system. Additionally, many immigration lawyers, such as Fontes Law Group, are bilingual, allowing those whose English isn’t very good to access fair and comprehensive representation.

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Business Start-Up

Hiring a business lawyer should definitely be on your to-do list if you’re of an entrepreneurial mind and have decided to start your own business. They can advise on how to structure the company to best suit your circumstances (LLC or C-Corp?) If the business has employees, your lawyer can make sure the contracts you offer are legal and in both parties’ best interest. And should the company require any permits or licenses to function, your lawyer is there to help ensure you have the correct paperwork.

Wrongful Termination

Unfortunately, some employers could be better at following legally prescribed procedures when they terminate some staff. If you believe you’re the subject of a wrongful termination, there is a legal course to challenge it in court. Hiring an employment law specialist gives you the best chance of getting a positive conclusion to your case. They may negotiate a settlement out of court or get your job reinstated. A good lawyer will also tell you honestly if you don’t have a case, saving further frustration and wasted resources.

Workplace Problems

Sometimes, problems within the workplace will have you contacting an employment lawyer. Being subjected to bullying, harassment, or prejudice within the work environment is unpleasant. The first thing to do is raise the issue within the company and try to have it resolved. If this doesn’t work, a lawyer will help resolve the problem and ensure the workplace is safe for all staff members.

Elder Care

The thought of our parents and other older relatives requiring care is a scary thought that many of us choose to ignore. The problem with this is the longer we put off making arrangements for their care, the harder it becomes to make plans. Organizing things like power of attorney is best-taken care of while the person in question is still in relatively good health because they must be of sound mind. You’ll need a lawyer to complete the granting power of attorney, but it’s worth taking the time to do so before a crisis arrives.


Medical Mistakes

When we’re sick or injured, we know that the medical profession has our best interests at heart and will strive to make us well again. However, those treating us are as human as their patients, and sometimes mistakes happen. You may consult an attorney about compensation if you’re significantly affected by a medical error. While it’s awful to think about while you’re still unwell, with the threat of substantial medical bills looming, a good lawyer can begin the proceedings while you’re still recovering, reducing your stress load.

While lawyers are there to fight criminal cases, in the ordinary course of life, they can also help you negotiate a wide range of potentially challenging situations with a positive resolution in mind.

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