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Shift Gears: 7 Perks of Embarking on a Truck Driving Career

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If you’re bored with your current job and don’t like the idea of being stuck in the same place for the rest of your career, then it’s time to make a change. Life behind a desk or in a factory can mean that every workday feels the same, so it’s only natural to want to seek out a new challenge. 

Becoming a truck driver and pursuing a career in the haulage industry may not be a job option that you have considered in the past. However, it is a job that may be your perfect match if you are ready to try something new. If you’re wondering if it’s the right career choice for you, then here are some of the positives that you could gain from training to be a truck driver:

  • High Demand: Enjoy ample job opportunities in a growing industry.
  • Competitive Pay: Earn a solid income with potential for salary growth.
  • Travel Opportunities: Explore different regions and experience new places.
  • Independence: Enjoy the freedom of the open road and flexible work schedules.
  • Job Stability: Benefit from a stable career with consistent demand for truck drivers.
  • Health Benefits: Many trucking companies offer comprehensive healthcare packages.
  • Skill Development: Enhance your driving skills and gain valuable experience.
  • Work-Life Balance: Maintain a balanced lifestyle with scheduled home time.
  • Retirement Options: Take advantage of retirement plans and long-term savings.
  • Community: Join a supportive community of fellow truck drivers and industry professionals.
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Enjoy the freedom of being on the road

Becoming a truck driver is a career that is quite literally going places. No two days will be the same when you are on the road. Instead of being cooped up all day, you will be out and about traveling from place to place.

Satisfy your sense of adventure

If you are someone that loves to travel to new places, then being a truck driver will get you to do just that. In the course of your work, you will come across many places that you probably won’t have ever visited before, or maybe even have heard about. Discovering new places will mean that every day is exciting and brings something new.

“Truck drivers are among the most valued workers in the modern world. They work for companies of all types and sizes, shipping their products from the place of production to the place of marketing. The nature of their lives has been commemorated in countless songs, making them the twentieth- century equivalent of the nineteenth century pioneer or frontiersman.”  – How to Become Your Own Boss as a Truck Driver

Gain a qualification

Passing your CDL training and achieving your license is a great feeling. Having this qualification opens up many opportunities for you, and is just the start of your exciting new journey as you begin your career as a truck driver.

Join a profession that’s always in demand

Recent reports show that truck drivers are in demand. There is currently a shortfall of drivers, as older truck drivers start to retire, meaning that there is plenty of opportunity for employment.

Provide a vital service

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), almost 71% of freight tonnage transported around the US is done by trucks. This means that the entire country is dependent on truck drivers for items that are essential to everyday life. Without truck drivers, the majority of freight just wouldn’t be transported.

Start a long-term career

Some career choices have a limited time span. After several years, you may need to start looking for something new and make a career change. However, a career in freight offers a long-term job choice, which minimizes worries about future employment.

Meet new people

If you love to get out and have the chance to meet new people, this is the career choice for you! During your day, you will get to know familiar faces, work as part of a team, and meet plenty of new people too. Truck driving certainly is a job that doesn’t get boring.

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