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6 Tips for Hiring Good Employees

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Finding the right employee can be a long and frustrating path, filled with hopeful candidates that end up, for one reason or another, being a wrong fit for the job. Knowing what to look for in a good employee can help you narrow down your search and prevent wasted days and even weeks training someone who will prove to be the wrong choice. The following tips can help you find that diamond in a sea of cubic zirconium.

  • Competency: Maybe the most important factor to consider when choosing an employee is if they have the experience, education and skills to properly complete the tasks require to maintain the job.
  • Capability: Hiring the ideal candidate means looking for someone that has the potential for growth in their career, as well as a willingness to take on extra responsibility.
  • Compatibility: Can the candidate work well with other colleagues, and get along with partners and clients. It is critical that the candidate has the ability to maintain a harmonious relationship with others in the office.
  • Character: Judging someone’s character from a job interview can be a difficult task. It is, however, important that you find out if their values align with yours. Their character can add to the office culture or cause major difficulties and disruptions. A good employee is one that is hardworking, honest, keeps their promises, is a team player and selfless.
  • Commitment: Is he or she committed to working with the company long term or are they merely passing through? Checking their job history can provide an insight into the candidates’ employment behavioral pattern.
  • Compensation: Employers should choose a candidate that is satisfied with the compensation. Employees who are not satisfied with their pay may begin to feel unappreciated, and often begin to slack in their job performance.

Potential employees will provide you with the answers to the categories whether they know it or not. During the interview, you must act as a detective, searching for the truth to get a clear picture of the type of person that candidate is. Obtaining references from previous bosses, subordinates can provide you with all the information you need on the candidate.

Employers should also consider using tracking software to help them stay organized during the process. Zoho Recruit, for example, is a recruitment software and applicant tracking system that allows agencies to track resumes, job openings and candidates. It also allows the agency to contact candidates about potential jobs more efficiently.

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