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6 reasons for considering a career in Germany

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The outburst of the pandemic and the economic crisis increases the competition in the job market. Graduates experience the fear of unemployment or going for a job far under their qualifications. Luckily, we are no longer stuck within the borders of our homelands. We can think more creatively about our careers and search for job opportunities virtually anywhere on the globe. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider living and working in Germany, one of the top places in the world to live.

1. One of the best countries in the world

According to the U.S. News “Best Countries” ranking, Germany is the 4th best place in the world to live and work. Thanks to the great quality of life, excellent entrepreneurship, social benefits, and an open-door policy, Germany is one of the world’s most popular migration destinations.

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2. Great place for business and entrepreneurship

Germany has one of the largest and most stable economies in the world. It is often recognized as the best country for entrepreneurship, as it has a great legal framework and offers grants for startups and new businesses.

Here are five reasons why you might want to consider living and working in Germany, one of the top places in the world to live.Click To Tweet

3. One of the highest minimum salaries in the European Union

The minimum wage in Germany is 1’520.00 € gross a month, which is 1’790.86 USD or 1’299.65 GBP. Compared to other countries in the European Union it is one of the highest minimum salaries. Learn more about the minimum salary rate in Germany

4. Wage rate on a rise

The average salary in Germany is increasing year by year. In 2020 it reached 47’700.00 € which gives us 56’405.25 USD and 41’141.25 GBP gross per year. According to the RU-GELD.DE the average net salary in Germany per month is 2’583.75 € ( Learn more about the wages increase index Germany:

5. Great healthcare system

The pandemic has proven to us the need for a great national healthcare system. Germany guarantees plenty of social services and its healthcare system is often recognized as the best in the world.

6. Internationality

Last but not least – the language. We understand that speaking the German language might be difficult. However, even though being able to speak German would be helpful, it is not required at many workplaces. Most young adults in Germany speak English fluently and you can easily find job offers for English speakers. If you are searching for an international environment, cultural diversity, and friends from all over the world, you might be interested in moving to the capital city of Germany, Berlin.

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