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6 Practical Tips That Will Make Your Overtime Work Worth It

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Working is good for keeping a person smart and active. It energizes the brain and makes better use and exercise for the body. Though, the idea of overtime is still pretty much up for debate. There have been talks about whether it is worth it or not.

It does have positive and negative consequences. Being a worker and an employee means that you cannot avoid it forever. What you can do is learn how to make that overtime work worth it.

The Need-to-Knows About Overtime Work

The term overtime means the amount of time that a person had worked beyond the standard working hours. It is when an employee exceeds their regular schedule of hours a week. That’s the generalized definition of overtime. Though, the term may also refer to the remunerations of the employees for such work.

Overtime pay or rate refers to the additional compensation after working beyond their regular schedule. The additional pay is given for every hour that was worked over the 40-hour mark in a workweek. It also should be equivalent to one and a half times the regular rate.

There is one glaring question regarding overtime that bugs everyone; is it after the 8-hour mark a day or the 40-hour mark a week? The standard hours a day is 8 hours. That would mean that an employee works 40 hours a week. Exceeding 8 hours a day would automatically mean that they would go over the 40 hours, warranting overtime.

There is also a common issue with overwork pay. There are cases when employees are not compensated for their overtime work. As mentioned at, if you have worked over the necessary 40 hours a week and didn’t receive your proper overwork pay, then that is a matter of unpaid overtime claim. In this scenario, you may take legal action against your employer. 

There are various reasons for overtime. Labor market considerations, staff variations, 24/7 coverage, and workload fluctuations are among the main reasons. If you are working in a big company or a demanding field, you will certainly not escape overtime work. The best you could do is make those extra hours worth it.

6 Practical Tips That Will Make Your Overtime Work Worth It

Overtime work can be exhausting and draining. The best you can do is try to make it worth it. Here are a few practical tips to help you do just that. 

  • Plan Ahead Of Time

It would certainly be beneficial to plan the whole week ahead of time, especially if the next few days will be a killer. It doesn’t have to be extensively detailed. Planning your meals, outfits, errands, and other life stuff can lighten your load. It will definitely lessen your worries.

Prepare pre-pack lunches and load your freezers with ready-to-eat dinners and snacks for you to munch on when you come home from an extra-long and tiring day at work. 

  • Keep The Team Spirit Alive

The chances are that you won’t be alone during your overtime shifts. The extra company would be a nice and good distraction from your exhausting workload. Don’t be one of those who kill the mood by constantly whining or complaining about work. That won’t be good for team spirit.

Instead, be positive. Motivate and inspire your coworkers to work better. That would not only put you in good spirits but would also increase productivity.

  • Take A Break And Self-Care

Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Your work won’t matter if you end up getting sick. Take much-needed breaks, eat your food on time, and sleep. Keeping yourself healthy would be your biggest weapon during these trying times.

Avoid drowning yourself with work. Take the time to recharge your mind and energy. That would entail a much clearer mind, leading to a better work quality. 

Working is good for keeping a person smart and active. It energizes the brain and makes better use and exercise for the body. Though, the idea of overtime is still pretty much up for debate. There have been talks about whether it is worth it or not.Click To Tweet
  • Be Active

By being active, that covers your body, mind, and soul. You can hit the gym or do yoga to keep your body in tip-top shape. While doing so, you can listen to your favorite music or audiobook. That would put both your body and mind at complete ease. 

Having your mind at ease, body in shape, and soul in peace, you would be able to work better. Your productivity and quality of work would also increase for sure. 

  • Keep Track Of Fun Times

There’s no telling exactly when on the calendar your overtime would fall on. It might even line up with the holidays! That isn’t to say that you should skip out the fun times, though. You can sneak naps or short yoga sessions during your breaks to recharge yourself so that you’ll have enough energy to join in on the fun when you come home!

  • Work Has To Stay Within The Office Walls

Work hangover is a real problem. It could prevent you from relaxing or having fun with your family. Remind yourself that your work needs to stay behind at your office when it’s time to come home. Don’t let it follow you home.

Never allow your work to spoil and interrupt your family time.  

Is Overtime Worth It?

Whether overtime is worth it or not, there are pros and cons to working overtime you can weigh to help you decide. 

The main advantage of overtime is the extra money it could give you. Other pros for overtime work are that it’s infinitely better than a second job, and it could advance your career professionally. It could also increase your productivity.

Few disadvantages are that it could affect your mental and physical health, interrupt your personal time, and lead to dissatisfaction. A big disadvantage is that you won’t always get paid. That’s, unfortunately, a fact.

Before agreeing to overtime, you might need to look into all and every angle. Although, some overtime might be mandatory. You can negotiate for another arrangement with your employer if the negatives outweigh the positives for you.

Overtime work can be stressful. Those extra hours means more work, and then some more. You’ll be away from your home and family longer than you’d like. You can’t wiggle out of them sometimes but you can at least make them manageable and worth it for you. 

Put these tips into action. It might make work-life balancing much easier.

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