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5 Ways to Enhance My Job Security

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safeIn today’s economy, having a full time job is a wonderful thing.

However, how secure is your job? There are ways to enhance your job security in any economy. These helpful ideas and tips can keep you employed in a wake of layoffs.


Stay Current and Up-to-date

Make sure that you are on the cutting edge of new technology by taking continuing education classes or other job-related skills. Especially good for older workers is to take computer and keyboarding classes so that you can learn to increase your typing speed. Other projects to look into are social media guides to keep you current on using Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and linkedin to your advantage.


Find Long-term Solutions

If your company has long-term projects that are going to take years to complete, make sure you get on those projects. Hardly any company is going to remove you from a long-term project because the time, money, and effort it will take to bring someone else up to speed is too great. Long-term projects can offer some job security.


Become an Expert

Another good job security idea is to become an expert in your field. One way to do this is to build your reputation. Write an article and get it into a trade journal, write ebooks on your job, set up a website, do anything that equates your name to your job field. Make sure your bosses are well aware of these projects, as it will help build your reputation in their eyes. It may seem like a cheesy way to do it, and you may be heckled by your coworkers, but your boss won’t see it like that once your name keeps getting mentioned. He’ll want a piece of that pie.


Keep an Eye on Your Aging

While it shouldn’t matter, it may. Keep an eye on those grays, that bit of belly you’ve gained, or that slouch you’ve had. Stand straight and exercise. Don’t be viewed as old be viewed as a seasoned employee. Another way to help is to make sure you don’t become grumpy and jaded, keep a nice rosy personality while you’re in the workplace.


Get Schooled

Some HR departments can find you employee money to go back to school and learn more in your field. This works in two ways, you are more educated which is an asset to the company and the company has invested in you. They are much less likely to fire you or lay you off if they have money invested like this.

So you see, there are ways to keep yourself a valuable asset to the company.

Lessen the odds of getting Fired or laid off when you are keeping yourself current, educated, and rising above 100 percent.


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