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Top HR Platforms To Retain Employees

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Let’s face it: Your team is the cornerstone of building a sustainable business. The adage “teamwork makes the dream work” holds true, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive unit.

However, managing a team efficiently is easier said than done, particularly as your workforce expands. Numerous challenges must be navigated before tapping into your employees’ full potential.

Areas such as productivity, creativity, motivation, and engagement are critical, yet they can easily undermine your team‘s peak performance. This underscores the importance of optimizing your human resources—a vital component for any business. This is where HR platforms become indispensable.

HR platforms streamline the entire employee management process, from hiring and engagement programs to training and retention strategies. They enhance every facet of an employee’s lifecycle, contributing significantly to overall performance.

In this blog post, we delve into the top five HR platforms that can transform your employee management into a smooth, efficient process.

HR platforms that help in retaining your best employees

An ideal HR platform optimizes the maximum potential of your workforce while creating momentum in your business simultaneously. This means it would be strategic, data-based, and insight-rich. Only then can you unveil the powerful optimization opportunities for your workforce.

This data then can be used to create custom policies and programs to stimulate deep work and high performance in your teams. But a key element of successful programs here is to ensure they focus on improving the overall user experience. 

For instance, if you plan to create an orientation program for a superior onboarding experience or a training program to upskill your team, it is always conducive to creating video training for better engagement. However, in doing so, you need to stay aware that you create subtitles for your videos to create an optimal environment for your employees to consume the content. A quick productivity hack over here would be to opt for automatically generated subtitles

From productivity, creativity, motivation, to engagement, there are multiple areas that can derail your team's peak performance. This makes HR (human resource) optimization critical for your business. This is exactly where HR platforms come in.Click To Tweet

Here are a few HR platforms that can skyrocket your employee efficiency:

1.   BerniePortal


BerniePortal helps organizations become more efficient while having over a decade of experience in the human resources information platform space.

This human resources Information system Platform helps bring workers of the organization or any other business on the same wavelength. It helps to automate human resources processes, making the human resources department more logical, well planned, and well organized. 

BerniePortal is a human resources information system platform that has been available in the market for over a decade as it has been benefitting bigger corporations since 2008. Therefore, BerniePortal should be considered the top priority in terms of the human resources information platform as it has everything you could workably be required for your employees working in the organization. 

As the human resources information platform, Bernieportal helps you automate certain administrative processes, human resources processes like applicant tracking, allowances and benefits management, and obedience of an employee regarding any task.

The human resources information system platform comes with many advantages. One of them is that repeating tasks can be executed with automation. It also improves the ability of the employees to reach better worker pools when it comes to new vacancies available for potential employees. In addition, It speeds up the hiring tasks with great accessibility and delivers advanced materials easily.

 With these benefits, all the procedures and policies of the corporation can be sent easily to the workers efficiently and in a well-organized way within no time. The software assists in boosting the productivity of the potential employers of any multinational corporation and small business by automating regular tasks through efficiency while saving time and costs. It also helps to improve productivity by observing and anticipating your employee trends and their behaviors while allowing the corporation to have a strategic perception from their employee’s data.

Moreover, it can also help employees with work hours and holidays and strategic overview with the help of online tools to manage employee retention, boost productivity and performance, and offer mobile access with employee self-service tools. 

2.    Workday 


Workday is one of the most coveted HR platforms. 

This HCM (human capital management) platform helps corporations with multi-level human asset management like payroll and employee administration, enterprise and talent acquisition and retention, administration, training, and more.

The platform offers powerful solutions to attract and filter the best talent and map them to the most relevant role in your business organization.

Through workday, you can improve the communication and engagement of your employees, and it helps to reduce manual work and is deemed to improve the efficiency of the workers, and it also helps in decision making by using advanced analytics.

Moreover, this platform helps employees to remain up-to-date with different skills and knowledge to manage various and different situations and also helps employees with certain training processes.

Workday also manages to retain employees for better human capital management, which helps confirm your corporation’s future development.

One of the ways in retaining employees is to keep them inspired and happy by rewarding them to increase your worker’s motivation, and it helps to increase employee involvement to make workers more motivated and inspired with a well-process.

 3.   SAP SuccessFactors



SAP Successfactors is a comprehensive human resources platform that provides an exclusive blend of human capital management and human resources that will help your resource management platform and thus provide the Human Experience Management suite. This platform provides services in the worker’s experience management, human resource analytics, and workforce administration.

SAP SuccessFactors provides everything that a potential human resource department possibly requires. It is mostly recommended for large organizations as compared to midsize or small businesses. However, a small or midsize corporation can be benefitted from workforce management and human resources analytics.

Therefore, SAP SuccessFactors is considered one of the top human resources platforms as it helps improve employee engagement and maximize workforce management. SAP SuccessFactors uses advanced and up-to-date algorithms, which makes this platform easy to use so that the employees of the respective corporation succeed.

This platform also allows to find the skillful employee among its workforce, and it proves to be beneficial in retaining those employees. It also has an advanced and modern control panel that allows the employees to manage workflows and configure the software. In addition to that, it helps to keep the human resource platform updated by making the necessary changes in them.

4.   Namely 


Namely is one of the most uniquely capable HR platforms that you can integrate into your organization.

This platform provides many services to improve the overall user experience, including performance and objective tracking, compliance database, time-off management, task lists, and many more.

One important service that is beneficial for human resources management in retaining employees is the self-service platform. This technology usually allows workers to perform work-related tasks such as updating personal information and accessing company benefits information. It can also be a part of human control management systems and or enterprise resource planning systems.

This platform allows employees to detect their attendance and substantiate their work hours for their payroll. Moreover, this platform allows employees to make changes in their data and easily access and organize their documents and records. Moreover, employees can access and have a look at their work schedules. It also allows employees to change or control their personal information. Many potential mistakes can be avoided, like entry errors or other mistakes, by using the employee self-service portal, thus reducing the chances of entering inaccurate information. 

Thus, the platform also helps streamline all tasks by linking the systems together and making the data accessible for those individuals who need it. Therefore, having direct access and control over the data makes workers more satisfied and comfortable with that particular corporation’s environment and helps them seek more opportunities, thus allowing the HR platform to retain the employees. 

A robust employee recognition platform or framework is very essential to retain employees. Perkbox is one such platform that makes it easier for any organization to recognize outstanding employees and boost overall employee morale. 


Choosing a well-suited platform for your HR department is not as complicated as it seems.

All you need to do is be a little strategic and look into the core needs of your target audience and map them to your goals.

The above tools are sure to give you a great head start, but the true success of your employee retention programs can only be seen through contextual policy and program integration. This means you need to ask your employees about their daily frustrations, aspirations, and expectations.

Combining your strategic plan with the above tools is sure to unlock your team‘s true potential.  

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