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5 Top Career Opportunities to Consider

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Many people want a career in a field that they love, but most also want a lucrative path. That means choosing a career with high demand and would be so in the future. However, how do you know the careers that would provide these lucrative opportunities, both now and in the future? Below, you will find five of the top career opportunities that you can consider now and in the future. Let’s begin.


Writing is a sought-after professional that is required in nearly every job today. From technical writers who are needed in companies like Facebook and Google to Copywriters in boosting a business’s sales. There are endless possibilities. With the present state of technology, creative writers are not left out either.  If you love storytelling then, this is a career that you should also consider. You can learn how to be a fiction writer, content writer, copywriter, and other types of writing careers.

Data scientist

We are in the age of big data, and numerous companies need people who can help them collect, organize and analyze data to improve their business. This makes data science a sought-after profession that an individual can break into. Roles in this career could include creating data products, applying statistical algorithms and models, and performing data experiments all in a bid to improve a business outcome. This field is quite technical, so a degree in a related field is an advantage.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing exponentially, and it shows a huge potential in terms of employment. Having a career in this field prepares you for the future of several career opportunities in numerous domains. A degree in computer science is a conventional path to an AI career. However, several options don’t necessarily require one. 

Software Developer

Where web developers focus on apps and websites, and software developers code, design, develop, and test software. The software could be consumer-facing mobile apps for individuals or business software for big companies. This career requires coding skills and there are several ways to learn to code like boot camps, computer science degrees, or even online. The aim is to be able to prove your worth during a technical interview. 

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry around the world. Nearly every business has a digital presence, so there is a gap that needs to be filled. This makes this career a top option to consider. It also has an added advantage; you don’t need much tech skills.

Cloud Engineering

Cloud computing is becoming a necessity in working remotely. Simultaneously, many companies require individuals with the knowledge and skills of performing cloud-related tasks, implement required infrastructures, and migrate processes. There are several roles under cloud engineering, including sysops engineers, cloud developers, and solutions architects. While the responsibilities and roles might differ, the overall responsibilities remain planning, monitoring, and managing the cloud system of a company. Like most tech careers, a degree alongside relevant professional experience is required to get started.


Choosing a good career path that you love and are comfortable with is important in having rewarding careers. Consider every option before you decide on a career. 

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