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5 Surprising Similarities: Uni and Work Life Unveiled

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Going off to university is a huge step in your adult life. You’ll be on your own for the first time, enjoying your freedom, but working hard to meet your goals. Then once you’ve finished, it’s on to new and brighter things, right?

Finding a career that suits you is really similar to finding the right university. You need to assess your desires, find a place that will bring your fulfillment, and discover a work ethic all your own! There are actually a lot of similarities between uni life and work-life! Here are five things that are similar between your college life and work-life that may surprise you!

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Interviews and Applications

When it comes to getting into university, there is a pretty thorough process. You have to get your applications in on time, you have to make sure your grades are good enough for where you want to go, you have to go through a stressful interview process, and the list goes on and on! Well, it’s pretty similar to starting off your career!

You have to apply for your dream job, hope, and wish that your qualifications and background are good enough for where you want to work, and go through yet another stressful interview!

The strategies you use for your university interview aren’t going to be exactly the same strategies to help you nail your job interview, but they will help you land your dream college or the perfect job! You’ll feel like déjà vu is happening all around you as you leave your job interview… because it will be strikingly familiar to how you got into university!

Organizing is Essential

Some people have to learn the hard way at college that if you aren’t organized, you may not make it! The same goes for your future work life. You have to be on top of deadlines, projects, co-workers’ needs, and pleasing your bosses!

Much like pleasing a professor, staying organized at work and university will make for happy reviews! Keep that ‘to do’ list, make your calendar your priority, and meet all your deadlines! Sounds a lot like a career AND college life!

“Achieving a good work-life balance is difficult in most careers, but this is especially the case for doctors. After all, there are no typical 9 to 5 days when dealing with health matters, and you can’t exactly tell someone to put off their illness for another day. At the same time, it is vital that you have a life of your own. You only get one of them after all. Plus, if you do not take care of yourself, you are at serious risk of a burnout, and then you are going to be of no use to anyone.” – Achieving Work-Life Balance


University life and work-life are also similar in that the workload seems to never end! Staying on top of a heavy workload can be difficult, but there are ways to manage!

  • Lists! Keep a to-do list, check it twice, make sure everything gets done on time!
  • Mental health. Make sure your mind is prepared before going onto your next task. Be calm, stay focused!
  • Due Dates. When a project is due, for both work and school, make sure you turn it in ON TIME!
  • organized, and you will succeed!

When it comes to the hours you pour over projects, or the hours you spend studying, the time you spend working diligently to reach your goals will always be fulfilling!

Roommates and Co-Workers

Living with a roommate and working alongside a co-worker all day is like watching a remake of a movie. They are practically the same in every way! Getting used to having to deal with another human being at all hours, where sometimes you’ll work well together, and sometimes you’ll want to scream, is the same for both your career and your college life!

Worrying About Finances

Money, no matter where you are in your adult life, will always cause problems. When it comes to working and balancing your finances, you may flashback to your time in university where you were scrounging for every last penny!

Whether you get a head start on good finances in university, or you have to work paycheck to paycheck, worrying about money in university will be the same as worrying about money in your career. It will be stressful, but you can overcome the stress!

That’s Life

University and interview, you’ll find that sometimes, life repeats itself! It’s a good thing you’ve been through it before!

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