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5 Hot Careers in the Hearing Industry

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In recent years, there have been many advances in hearing aid technology. This has allowed individuals with hearing loss the opportunity to go about their daily lives without straining to hear the words of their friends, co-workers and loved ones. With the growth of technology, there is also an increase in the types of careers available in the hearing aid industry. Consider just a few examples of the most popular careers in this field and discover some of the details of each job.

Hearing Screener

  • What They Do – A hearing screener determines whether a person has a hearing loss or normal hearing. This professional conducts fundamental tests with hearing equipment to see if a patient needs further evaluation. Some hearing screeners test students in public schools while others work in hospitals or in family physicians’ offices. There are many hearing screeners who test infants shortly after they are born to see if their hearing is at a normal level. Hearing screeners receive training from licensed audiologists to prepare them for this type of work.
  • How Much They Make –According to Career Builder’s salary calculator, the National Average Salary is $30,694.


  • What They Do – Examining patients with hearing loss, diagnosing problems, measuring hearing loss and fitting people for hearing aids are just a few of the job responsibilities of an audiologist. This professional prepares for the profession by earning a doctoral degree in audiology. Also, audiologists are required to have a state license to practice their profession. Some audiologists treat the hearing issues of children and adults while others specialize in treating seniors. An audiologist works with cutting-edge technology including cochlear implants and undetectable hearing aids. Part of the personal and professional reward of being an audiologist is seeing a patient’s quality of life improve after receiving treatment for hearing loss.
  • How Much They Make – According to BLS, the median pay is $75,920

Audiologist’s Assistant

  • What They Do – This professional works closely with an audiologist to serve a patient who is experiencing hearing loss. An audiologist’s assistant helps to clean and set up hearing test equipment. Also, this professional helps an audiologist to keep records of patient examinations. An assistant may sit down with a patient to explain the various parts of a hearing aid and how it fits into the person’s ear. In many cases, a person interested in becoming an audiologist works as an assistant to find out more about the day-to-day tasks of this professional.
  • How Much They Make – According to SimplyHired, the average salary for audiologist assistant jobs is $39,000. Salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

Hearing Aid Specialist

  • What They Do – This professional is responsible for taking ear impressions of patients with hearing loss. In addition, this person designs and adjusts ear molds so that patients get the right type of hearing aid. A hearing aid specialist must be precise in his or her work in order to provide patients with effective hearing aids. After fitting a patient with a hearing aid, this specialist must test the equipment to make sure it’s working as it should. A person with hearing loss depends a lot on his or her hearing aid, so it’s critical that it is working properly at all times.
  • How Much They Make –The average salary for hearing aid specialist jobs is $40,000.

Finally, there are plenty of options available to someone who wants to pursue work in this growing industry. Someone interested in learning more about a career in this field may want to conduct research on similar jobs and positions in the healthcare field.

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