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5 Hot Careers for 2017

Feeling like your job is a dead-end?  Or maybe you are trying to figure out what your college major should be to position yourself for the best career. According to Purdue University, approximately 40% of college students change their major at least once (and some change their major several times). There are also a large number of people who are displaced every year when their industry declines (or disappears). Whatever your reason, today’s list of “Hot Careers” will help you decide where you should focus for a Hot Career.

Market Specialist –

  • What They Do – Marketing specialists help companies analyze out what sells best. They analyze market data, buying trends and gaps in the market. They also help determine price points on products. They analyze demographic data, look at competitors and help determine strategies around how best to market products. 

  • How Much They Make – Background, experience and product specialties drives much of what determines compensation for this career.  Median pay is $60,000 per year and the job outlook is excellent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compensation analysis can be found on – Marketing Specialist Salaries

  • Education Requirements – A college degree is required and you should pick a university that has a degree program in marketing or market research. Math and analytical skills are key as well as understanding how to leverage computer and software related analysis/research tools. Internships while you are in college will also help.

  • Finding a Job – Resources – Marketing Specialist

Financial Analyst –

  • What They Do – Financial analysts provide financial analysis and guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions. They assess the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. They also provide internal support for business financial review, analysis and forecasting. Financial Analysts can play many roles – Securities Analysts, Investment Analysts and Ratings Analysts. They typically work for all types of organizations, including financial institutions, investment banks, mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds and securities firms.

  • How Much They Make -According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for Financial Analysts is $77,000. Financial Analyst salaries.

  • Education Requirements -You definitely need a college degree to become a financial analyst, preferably with a degree in Finance or Accounting. An MBA in Finance or Accounting is also a big plus. Another career option is to get accredited as a CFA or CPA.

  • Finding a Job -Resources – Financial Analyst

Web Developer – 

  • What They Do – A web developer (also called web designers) is a programmer who specializes in the development of Internet applications and websites that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser. A developer generally builds a website from the bottom up, creating everything from the home page to site layout and function. A good developer will consider the client’s products or services along as well as the target market.

  • How Much They Make – According to, web developer salaries can range anywhere from $50,000 to $160,000. This, of course, depends on the type of developer, years of experience and educational background. Web Developer Salaries

  • Education Requirements – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, educational requirements for Web designers vary depending on the type of work they do. Requirements range from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree. Certifications are also important (specifics depend on background).

  • Finding a JobWeb Developer Jobs

Database Administrator

  • What They Do – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Database Administrators (DBAs) “use specialized software to store and organize data, such as financial information and customer shipping records”. DBAs manage general databases and are generally the central source of database knowledge in their organization. They get involved or manage data modeling, database design, Metadata management and repository usage.

  • How Much They Make – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Database Administrators earn an average of $77,080 with a mean salary of $42,930. The job outlook is 15% growth in the next few years.

  • Education Requirements – According to, Database Administrators generally have a BS in Computer Science or Management Information Systems (MIS). Similar to the web developer, database administrators will also hold certifications for a specific database software programs (see – Education Needed for Database Administrators)

  • Finding a JobDatabase Administrator Jobs

Public Relations Specialist

  • What They Do – Public Relations Specialists can play many roles. One role is to be responsible for the relationship between ad agencies and clients. They will also provide PR strategy, ideas, project management, and services to internal (if they work within a company) or external clients (if they work for a PR firm).  PR specialists also assist media relations, strategic planning and new business development.

  • How Much They Make – The median salary for a PR specialist is $45,000 while those in the top 10% can expect compensation well over $100,000. Average Salary Ranges for Public Relations jobs.

  • Education Requirements – A bachelor’s degree is typically needed to break into the public relations field. There are a few majors you can take for public relations, such as communications, marketing and, of course, public relations. Internships are also a good way to break into the field.

  • Finding a JobPublic relations jobs

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