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5 Careers You Should Be Avoiding Now

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Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.We all know the careers that are never going out of style – such as education, engineering, anything in the medical field, technology and financial services – but what about the ones that you should be avoiding? Certain career fields are dying and the last thing you want is to be working a dead-end job.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 careers you should be avoiding right now.


Mail Carrier

While it’s true that mail carriers don’t do too poorly in the salary department, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this job will decline 26% over the next few years.

The reason?

Thanks to technology, traditional mail seems to be going away. People opt to go “paperless” when it comes to receiving bills and rely on email and phones for communication needs. It’s also predicted that the government will be putting Saturday mail to an end, too, which only worsens the job outlook for the postman.


News Reporter

News reporters generally cover print and televised media, but we now live in a world where the Internet is our go-to spot for reading the news, seeing sports highlights and checking the weather.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that by 2020, news reporters jobs will have declined by 8%. Luckily, though, most reporters are able to find freelance work online (and from home) if they were to lose their job. Someone still has to report the news to the web, right?



Not only is the telemarketing field dwindling, it’s always been considered a dead-end job with low pay.

Who wants to spend day after day sitting at a desk calling strangers trying to sell them something? Not many. The dying field is also attributed to the rise in technology and ability for consumers to buy whatever they please online – quickly, safely and conveniently.

If you do just so happen to love being on the phone, consider a job as a financial planner or academic adviser for a college instead.



Lumberjacks average around $30,000 per year according to the BLS.

It’s a dangerous job since you’re working with heavy machinery and outside all day, and the job growth is incredibly low. If construction is your field of interest, work for a construction company and work your way into management. Construction managers bring in $90,000 per year and the job outlook only continues to rise.

Since we’re constantly building new shops, retail centers, homes and high-rises every day, job security is also considered high.



Secretaries are typically the first to be cut when a company is doing layoffs.

A secretary’s job is to greet people, answer the phone and take messages. Thanks to emails and businesses being able to conduct most of their business online, the need for secretaries is dwindling.

Instead, consider being a personal assistant to a CEO, lawyer or financial officer. Personal assistants tend to make double the rate of secretaries and most high-paying, executive job roles could always use additional help.

About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer living in Glendale, AZ. She writes for sites helping them remove articles from Google and covers topics on careers, personal finance and small businesses.

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