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5 Careers That Work With Fire

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Your parents probably told you not to play with fire but they probably never said anything about working with it. If you are looking for an exciting career that requires significant risk but also offers great rewards, you may consider one of the fire-related options below.


Firefighter” may be the most commonly known job related to fire. The primary duty of a person in this position is to be a member of a team that extinguishes unplanned fires.  There are many different roles on a firefighting team.  Some are in charge of operating the hoses. Others are responsible for driving the truck.  The most dangerous role is reserved for those who enter burning buildings to rescue any victims who may be trapped inside. There also needs to be a supervisor on the scene.  Most teams also include at least one paramedic.

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Firefighters endure stress on a day-to-day basis and may have to work long hours, as well as frequent night and weekend shifts. However, the wonderful feeling of knowing that you help save lives is a strong motivating factor for many engaged in this line of work.  A firefighter’s salary depends on many factors, including his position, experience, and the location where he or she works.  Currently, The average salary for a firefighter in the United States in 2024 is approximately $53,222 per year. This figure represents the national average and may vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and specific duties within the firefighting profession.

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Fire Marshal

A fire marshal may be a member of a fire department, but he or she often belongs to a completely separate entity.  Job responsibilities vary by location but generally include a lot of investigative work.  For example, fire marshals are often in charge of investigating fire code violations.  They also must figure out where and how fires start.

In many localities, fire marshals carry guns and badges and are allowed to make arrests for fire-related crimes like arson.  If you are looking to combine an interest in law enforcement and fire, this is a perfect career choice.  The average salary for a fire marshal in the United States is $65,000, though there is a lot of variance in this figure based on locality and experience, among other factors. You can consider moving to the US to become a fire marshal.


Welders utilize the heat from a fire to shape metal into functional or decorative items.  With the amount of safety equipment available today, it has become a much less dangerous career choice, although it still carries a significant amount of risk. H&S procedures need to be followed, and if they are not and you end up injured, you could claim with a workers comp attorney. A welder may specialize in making a variety of different items, such as metal furniture, gates, or intricate decorative items.

A welder’s salary can fluctuate greatly based on his or her skill and demand for such products.  Generally, a competent welder can expect to make $36,000 annually, although a talented one may make much more

Fire Swallower

This position is a bit unorthodox, but certainly still an option for those who love to take risks.  Fire swallowers usually perform in circuses or similar shows.  Of course, there is an art to this process, and it is highly recommended that you receive proper training before attempting to swallow flames.

Pay for fire swallowers may be menial, especially if you are inexperienced or traveling with a small, lesser-known troupe.  Many entry-level performers start at $300 a week, or $15,600 annually; however, this salary can increase dramatically.  Additionally, you get the opportunity to travel and the circus will usually pay your room and board while you perform.

Cook/Grill Master

Many restaurants rely on electric stoves, but you may be able to find a place with an open-pit barbecue or brick oven.  This may be less dangerous than some of the above options, but will still give you a chance to interact with fire daily. Basic line cook jobs start around $20,000, but again, this will depend on your location and experience.

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These were a few fire-based careers for those interested in working with flames or heat. Whether you want to save lives, create things, or entertain, there are career opportunities available.

Artistic Glassblower

Artistic glassblowing is a blend of creativity and technical skill. This career involves learning glass properties and shaping techniques, often through formal education or apprenticeships. It demands a mix of art appreciation and physical ability, as glassblowers create unique, resonant works of art. The essence of this craft lies in developing a personal style and the ability to turn glass into both beautiful and functional pieces.


Exploring careers that involve working with fire reveals a world where passion, skill, and bravery intersect. These professions offer more than just a job; they provide a calling for those fascinated by the power and beauty of fire. Whether it’s in rescue services, culinary arts, or artistic creation, each role demands dedication and a unique set of skills, offering immense personal and professional satisfaction. For those drawn to the flame, these careers present an opportunity to engage with fire in challenging, yet rewarding ways.

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